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Columbine High School Victims

  Compiled by washingtonpost.com staff
Friday, April 23, 1999

Information and photos obtained
from The Associated Press and other sources.

victim   Cassie Bernall
 Age 17
Two years ago Cassie Bernall became closer to her Christian faith and was active in church youth programs. She was known for carrying a Bible to school and wore a bracelet engraved "What Would Jesus Do." The junior recently visited Britain and her favorite movie was Mel Gibson's "Braveheart."
victim   Steven Curnow
 Age 14
Steven Curnow dreamed of being a Navy top gun, piloting an F-16. He had watched the "Star Wars" movie so many times he could recite the dialogue with the actors.
victim   Corey Depooter
 Age 17
Described as a good student, Depooter loved to golf, hunt and fish. He recently quit wrestling to take a maintenance job at a golf club so he could save money to purchase a fishing boat with a friend. He died hiding under a library table with friends.
victim   Kelly Fleming
 Age 16
Kelly Fleming's family moved to Littleton from Phoenix 18 months ago. She turned to music and fiction writing to express her feelings and was learning to play guitar. Fleming, who was also learning to drive, was shot in the library.
victim   Matthew Kechter
 Age 16
Kechter, a junior football player who alternated on the offensive and defensive lines, hoped to start for the team next year. The A student was shot in the library trying to reach friends who were hiding in an adjacent video room.
victim   Daniel Mauser
 Age 15
A sophomore who excelled in math and science and earned straight A's on his last report card, Mauser also ran cross country and had joined the debate team to overcome his shyness. He had recently returned from a two-week trip to Paris with his French club.
victim   Daniel Rohrbough
 Age 15
Fascinated with computer games, stereos and home theater systems, Rohrbough helped his family in the electronics business. He was shot as he held an exit door open for other students and died on the sidewalk, a few steps from safety. His body lay outside for 24 hours.
victim   William "Dave" Sanders
 Age 47
A computer and business teacher at Columbine for 24 years, Sanders also coached girls basketball and softball. The basketball team posted a winning record in his first year, 1997-98, after finishing next-to-last the year before. The popular teacher was shot twice in the chest while directing students down a smoke-filled hallway to safety. Sanders, a husband, father and grandfather, survived at least three hours in a nearby classroom assisted by students.
victim   Rachel Scott
 Age 17
Rachel Scott wanted to be a missionary in Africa. She choreographed Christian music in her own productions and played lead in a student-written school play "Smoke in the Room." She was active in Celebration Christian Fellowship and enjoyed photography.
victim   Isaiah Shoels
 Age 18
Senior Isaiah Shoels wanted to attend an arts college and become a music executive and talent scout like his father. The small teenager had survived open-heart surgery as a child yet played football and wrestled and could bench-press twice his weight. Shoels and his sister had complained before to officials of being threatened by the shooters' clique. Witnesses in the school library said the gunmen shot him specifically because of his race and athletic interests.
victim   John Tomlin
 Age 16
Tomlin liked to go four-wheeling in his battered Chevy pickup. He also worked in a gardening store and belonged to a church youth group. Last year, he went with family to Juarez, Mexico, on a Christian mission to build houses for poor people. He planned to enlist in the Army after high school in two years.
victim   Lauren Townsend
 Age 18
A candidate for valedictorian, Townsend was captain of the girls volleyball team, coached by her mother, where teammates described her as "consumed" by the sport. The National Honor Society member had spent spring break on a school trip to England. She planned to major in biology in college.
victim   Kyle Velasquez
 Age 16
His family did not release information about their son.

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