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Main Players in Nichols Trial

Main participants in Terry L. Nichols's bombing trial:

Terry Nichols Terry Lynn Nichols, of Herington, Kan. Convicted on charges on conspiracy and involuntary manslaughter; could be sentenced to life in prison at sentencing on June 4, 1998. Served in Army with co-defendant Timothy McVeigh at Fort Riley, Kan.; left in 1989 on unspecified hardship discharge. Renounced right to vote in 1992. Lived with second wife and their 2-year-old daughter; has teen-age son by first marriage. Surrendered to police April 21, 1995; initially held as a witness. Full Profile

Michael Fortier Michael Fortier, of Kingman, Ariz. Sentenced to 12 years in prison and $200,000 fine for failing to warn authorities about bombing plans. Served at Fort Riley with McVeigh and Nichols; returned to Kingman and married high school sweetheart. Known locally for weekly gun-control protests; worked at hardware store. First defended McVeigh and Nichols, then pleaded guilty to lesser charges in bombing in exchange for testimony against the two men. History of drug use and lying to federal officials was target of McVeigh lawyers.

Richard Matsch Judge Richard P. Matsch. Veteran jurist appointed by Richard Nixon. Has overseen tense, controversial trials with no-nonsense attitude. Ordered busing for desegregation in Denver 20 years ago. Presided over political corruption trials, drug cases and federal trial of several members of the militant, anti-Semitic organization responsible for the assassination of Denver radio talk show host Alan Berg in 1984. Full Profile

Larry Mackey Larry Mackey, a federal prosecutor since 1980, named by Attorney General Janet Reno to lead the prosecution of Nichols. Delivered closing prosecution arguments in McVeigh trial; played leading role in investigation of bombing and McVeigh prosecution. Graduated from Indiana University School of Law in 1976 magna cum laude; began his career as an assistant defender in Illinois in 1976.

Michael and Jane Tigar Michael Tigar, lead defense attorney. University of Texas law professor. Graduated from U.C. Berkeley law school in 1966; won first case before the U.S. Supreme Court at age 28. High-profile cases included successful defense of Chicago Seven, Angela Davis and John Demjanjuk. Full Profile

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