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'Conversation About Race': Just Talk? : June 14, 1998
After 12 months of talk, the president and his advisers are searching for ways to bring about meaningful change.

Race-Sports Talk Focuses Off the Field: May 15, 1998
Some of the world's most successful sports figures ask: Why aren't minorities doing better in the front offices and owners boxes?

Prophecy on Race Relations Came True: March 1, 1998
Thirty years after the original Kerner Commission report, a new study finds even more inequalities with troubling racial dimensions.

Clinton Charms Affirmative Action Foes: Dec. 20, 1997
After 90 minutes of cordial and occasionally pointed conversation -- some of Clinton's most caustic critics came out cooing.

Race Initiative Finally Strikes a Nerve: Dec. 18, 1997
The unscripted scene at a December town meeting on race relations in Fairfax, Va., finally ignited passions.

In Defense of Love Beyond Race: Dec. 14, 1997
Secretary of Defense Bill Cohen and Janet Langhart are one of the most visible interracial "power couples" in America.

First Lady Recalls Early Taste of Ethnic Tension: Dec. 10, 1997
Hillary Clinton recalled her own childhood run-ins with ethnic tension during a forum on race relations with 11,000 teenagers in Boston.

Why Talk About Race?: Dec. 7, 1997
Will all this talk lead to action? Two experts share their opinions.

Explosive Issue Fails to Ignite Town Meeting: Dec. 4, 1997
During his first town hall meeting on race, President Clinton labored to get the nation to explore perhaps its most vexing and volatile social issue.

Race Initiative Is Lacking, Gingrich Says: Nov. 21, 1997
House Speaker Newt Gingrich chastised President Clinton for not including conservative voices in his national dialogue on race.

Clinton Scouts for Voices to Revitalize Panel: Nov. 20, 1997
After months of criticism for a slow start, Clinton tries to reinvigorate his much-trumpeted campaign for racial reconciliation.

Citizens Step In Where Board Is Slow to Tread: Dec. 20, 1997
If there is to be a national dialogue on race, the first whispers can be found in the White House mailbag.

Clinton Must Resist Impulse to Control Debate: June 15, 1997
Promise and peril surround President Clinton's initiative on race relations, writes guest columnist and Harvard Law School professor Randall Kennedy.

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