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Three Mile Island
Cleanup workers enter the damaged reactor's containment building in 1981. (AP photo)
The Aftermath
The Accident's Lessons

Following are key Washington Post stories on the cleanup of Three Mile Island's damaged nuclear reactor and research about the accident's effects on the health of people who lived in the area of the plant. This page also includes links to useful background information on the Web.

A Chronology: The First Decade
March 28, 1989
Key dates in the accident and the cleanup of the reactor.

Continuing Cleanup: $1 Bil. and Counting
March 28, 1989
Cleanup of the crippled reactor took more than 10 years.

TMI's Legacy Is Mistrust
March 28, 1989
A decade after the accident, resentments still smoldered among some Pennsylvanians who found themselves playing unwanted roles in the crisis.

On the Web
Study on Lung Cancer and Leukemia Instances: Abstract of a controversial 1997 report by University of North Carolina researchers.

Response to UNC Study: By scientists whose 1990 analysis was challenged.

The Industry's View: Nuclear Energy Institute fact sheet on the accident.

Three Mile Island Alert: A local anti-nuclear group in Pennsylvania.

NRC Information on the Plant: Government data on the still functional Unit 1.

No Evidence Reactor Leak Caused Cancer
September 1, 1990
A major independent review led by a Columbia University epidemiologist found no evidence that radioactivity released during the accident caused any increase in cancer incidence during the six-year period immediately afterward.

Stress May Have Boosted Cancer Rates
May 27, 1991
Researchers from Columbia University and the National Audubon Society concluded that stress, not radiation, may have caused increased cancer rates among residents living closest to the nuclear power plant.

Study Links Radiation Releases to Cancer Rates
February 24, 1997
A report by researchers at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill concludes that increases in lung cancer and leukemia near the Three Mile Island nuclear plant suggest a much greater release of radiation during the 1979 accident than had been believed.

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