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  TWA Flight 800: Background Stories

Flight 800 Simulation
Major stories from The Washington Post and the Associated Press:

The Investigation
FBI Probe of TWA Crash Criticized ,
May 11, 1999
The FBI came under attack at a Senate subcommittee hearing, as several federal officials testified that the agency clung to the theory that a bomb or missile had downed TWA Flight 800 even in the face of contrary evidence.

No Evidence of Attack, NTSB Told,
Dec. 9, 1997
There is compelling evidence that a missile or bomb did not bring down Flight 800, investigators and specialists said.

Most Died Instantly, Dec. 8, 1997
Investigators have determined that most of the 230 passengers aboard TWA 800 died instantly when the plane's center fuel tank exploded.

NTSB Frustrated Over FAA Response, July 2, 1997
The National Transportation Safety Board said the Federal Aviation Administration should speed up changes to prevent future explosions.

The Victims
TWA Flight 800 Victims Remembered , July 21, 1997
A memorial service for the victims held one year after the crash was filled with prayers, tears and silence.

Passenger List: TWA Flight 800, July 1996
Profiles and photographs of those who lost their lives.

The Crash
747 Explodes Shortly After Takeoff, July 18, 1996
TWA Flight 800 disappeared from radar and radio contact minutes after takeoff from New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Crash Probe Considers Sabotage , July 19, 1996
While the intense and gruesome search for survivors continues, federal officials launch a massive investigation into the cause of the crash.

The Legacy
Clinton Approves Tough Airline Safety Bill, Oct. 10, 1996
President Clinton signed legislation intended to prevent more passenger jets from crashing — and provide more compassion for survivors.

New Devices May Foil Airline Security, July 21, 1996
There is a growing fear that bombers may be getting an edge over airline security professionals.

The Changes Prompted by Flight 800
The knowledge gained from the tragedy is likely to result in safer fuel systems in aircraft.

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