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Passenger List: TWA Flight 800

Trans World Airlines Flight 800 was carrying 230 people, including four cockpit crew members and 14 flight attendants.

Below is a list of those on board, according to family, friends or officials (ages and occupations given where available), from The Associated Press.

Clicking on a highlighted name will take you to a short biography of that person. An asterick (*) next to a name indicates that the person has been positively identified.


* Aikens-Bellamy, Sandra, 49, off-duty TWA employee, of New York City
* Aikey, Jessica, student from Montoursville, Pa.
* Alex, Christian, France
Alexander, Matthew, 20, a student at Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, N.C., traveling to Dijon, France, to study, of Florence, S.C.
Allen, Ashton, 15, of Marietta, Ga.
* Allen, Otis Lamar, of Marietta, Ga. (father of Ashton Allen).
* Amlund, Svein, Norway
* Anderson, J. Edward, 49, financial planner for Allmerica, of Warson Woods, Mo. (married to Patricia Anderson)
* Anderson, Patricia, 42, of Warson Woods, Mo. (married to Jay Anderson)
* Anderson, Seana Michele

* Babb, David, 13, of Volant, Pa. (nephew of Clara and Namik Ersoz)
* Baszczewski, Daniel, student from Montoursville, Pa.
* Beatty, Charles, 50, senior systems engineer with the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Dahlgren, Va.; of Spotsylvania, Va.
* Becker, Michelle, 19, a student at Georgia State University in Atlanta, of St. Petersburg, Fla.
* Bellazoug, Myriam, 30, architect, of Paris.
Benjamin, Arthur, high school computer science teacher, of Philadelphia.
Benjamin, Joan
* Berthe, Line, Belleville, France
* Berthe, Maurice, Belleville, France
*Bluestone, Nicolas, Pound Ridge, N.Y.
* Bohlin, Michelle, student from Montoursville, Pa.
* Bossuyt, Luc, employee of Bristol-Myers, of Trumbull, Conn.
* Bouhs, Leonie, France
* Bower, Jordan, student from Montoursville, Pa.
* Braman-Mosberg, Rosemary, 47, off-duty TWA employee, of Hoboken, N.J.
* Breistroff, Michel, 25, French hockey player who graduated from Harvard in 1995
* Brooks, Edwin, 81, former executive vice president of Taco Industries, of Edgartown, Mass. (married to Ruth Brooks)
* Brooks, Ruth, 79, of Edgartown, Mass. (married to Edwin Brooks)
* Buttaroni, Mirko, 26, bank employee, of Fano, Italy (married to Monica Omiccioli).

* Caillaud, Anthony, Cerizay, France
* Caillaud, Daniel, Deux Sevres, France
* Callas, Dan J. , 22, TWA Flight 800 crew, of Philadelphia
* Campbell, Richard G. , 63, TWA Flight 800 flight engineer, of Ridgefield, Conn.
Carven, Jay, 9, of Bel Air, Md. (son of Paula Carven)
* Carven, Paula, off-duty TWA flight attendant and part-time real-estate agent, of Bel Air, Md. (mother of Jay Carven)
* Cayrol, Jacques, Montpelier, France
* Chaillou, Jenny, France
* Chanson, Ludovic, 11, exchange student returning to family, of Garancieres, France
* Charbonnier, Jacques, 66, TWA flight 800 crew, of Northport, N.Y.
Charbonnier, Constance, 49, TWA flight 800 crew, of Northport, N.Y.
* Chemtob, Monique, Los Angeles
* Christopher, Janet, 48, TWA flight 800 crew, of Brodheadsville, Pa.
* Coiner, Constance, 48, associate professor of English and literature at State University of New York at Binghamton, of Binghamton, N.Y. (mother of Ana Duarte Coiner)
* Coiner, Ana Duarte, 12, of Binghamton, N.Y. (Constance Coiner's daughter)
* Cox, Monica, student from Montoursville, Pa.
* Crandell, Pamela, 28, a first-grade teacher, of Tracy Landing, Md.
* Cremades, Daniel, France

* Dadi, Marcel, 46, French musician who helped spread Chet Atkins' style of guitar-playing across Europe and was returning home after being honored at Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tenn.
* D'Alessandro, Anna, of Palo del Colle, Italy (married to Giuseppe Mercurio)
* Darley, Francois, Grenoble, France
* DeBoisredon, Cybele, Bordeaux, France
* DeLange, Sylvain, Paris
* DeLouvrier, Judith, 47, a philanthropist who was a trustee of her family's Philadelphia-based Connelly Foundation, of New York City
* D'Huimieres, Dominiques, LePlessis, France
* Dickey, Deborah, a French teacher at Montoursville school, of Williamsport, Pa. (married to Douglas Dickey)
* Dickey, Douglas, of Williamsport, Pa. (married to Deborah Dickey)
* D'Iorio, Christine Bailey, mother of four, waitress, of Prato, Italy (married to Pietro d'Iorio)
* D'Iorio, Pietro, waiter, of Prato, Italy. (married to Christine Diiorio)
* DiLuccio, Debra Collins, 47, TWA flight 800 crew, of Agropoli, Italy; formerly of Athens, Ga.
* Dodge, Warren, 50, off-duty TWA employee, of Brentwood, N.H., and Ashland, Mass.
* Dupont, Guy, France
* Dwyer, Larkyn, 11, of New River, Ariz., was en route alone to visit relatives in Paris

* Edwards, Daryl, 41, off-duty TWA service supervisor, Jersey City, N.J.
* Ellison, Marie, Mount Vernon, N.Y.
* Ersoz, Clara Jean, 59, anesthesiologist, of Pittsburgh (married to Namik Ersoz, aunt of David Babb).
* Ersoz, Namik, 64, anesthesiologist, of Pittsburgh (married to Clara Ersoz, uncle of David Babb)
* Eshleman, Douglas A. , 35, off-duty TWA flight engineer, of Aurora, Colo.
* Estival, Alexandre

* Feeney, Deirdre, 17, New Hyde Park, N.Y. (daughter of Vera Feeney)
* Feeney, Kathleen, New Hyde Park, N.Y.
Feeney, Vera, 56, home-care nurse, New Hyde Park, N.Y. (mother of Dierdre Feeney)
* Ferrat, Mohammad, Ivory Coast
* Foster, Rod, 61, corporate pilot for Dassault Falcon Jet Co., of Sherman, Conn.
* Foulon, Didier, France
* Fry, Carol, former school board member, Montoursville, Pa.
* Furlano, Rosaria Pares, France

* Gabor, Daniel, 27, ran middle-distances for University of Arkansas, of Fayetteville, Ark., and Walnut Creek, Calif.
* Gaetke, Dan, 33, owned landscaping business and taught elementary school art; of Kansas City, Mo. Traveling to France to study gardens with wife. (married to Stephanie Gaetke)
* Gaetke, Stephanie, 33, owned landscaping business; of Kansas City, Mo. (wife of Dan Gaetke, cousin of Chrisha and Brenna Siebert).
* Gallagher, Claire, student from Montoursville, Pa.
Galland, Jean Paul
* Gasq, Clair, France
* Gasq, Francis, Palm Harbor, Fla.
* Gough, Analei Ralli, off-duty TWA flight attendant, of Mill Valley, Calif. (married to Donald Gough)
* Gough, Capt. Donald, off-duty TWA pilot, of Mill Valley, Calif., and Incline Village, Nev. (married to Analei Gough)
* Graham, Steven, 38, a marketing director for the long-distance phone company Ameritel, of Napa, Calif.
* Gray, Charles H. III, 47, president and chief operating officer of Midland Financial Group, Inc., of Little Rock, Ark.
* Greene, Renee, North Woodmere, N.Y.
* Griffith, Donna, Westhampton, N.Y.
* Griffith, Joanne, 39, off-duty TWA employee, of Brooklyn, N.Y.
* Grimm, Julia, student from Montoursville, Pa.
* Grivet, Cyril, senior lab technician at Carnegie Institution lab at Stanford University, Stanford, Calif.
* Gustin, Anne, Tampa, Fla.

* Hammer, Beverly, 59, of Long Beach, N.Y. (mother of Tracy Hammer)
* Hammer, Tracy, 29, graduate student in microbiology and veterinary medicine at Michigan State University, of Long Beach, N.Y. (daughter of Beverly Hammer)
* Hansen, Lars, Groenbakken, Norway
Harkness, Eric, 23, off-duty TWA employee, of Columbus, Ohio.
* Harris, Chelsea, New York, N.Y.
* Harris, Lawrence, New York
* Haurani, Dr. Ghassan, of Grosse Pointe Shores, Mich. (married to Nina Haurani)
* Haurani, Nina, of Grosse Pointe Shores, Mich., mother of four in their teens and early 20s. (married to Ghassan Haurani)
* Hazelton, Sandra, of Beachwood, Ohio, a high school French teacher taking her daughter to Paris as a college graduation gift. (mother of Katrina M. Rose)
* Hettler, Rance, student from Montoursville, Pa.
* Hill, Susan, police detective in Portland, Ore.
* Hochard, Jean-Pierre, France
* Hogan, David, of Paris, a Virginia-born composer who studied at the Peabody Institute in Baltimore
* Holst, Eric, 32, dentist, Manorville, N.Y. (husband of Virginia Holst)
* Holst, Virginia, 31, merchandise distributor, Manorville, N.Y. (wife of Eric Holst)
* Hull, James, 48, off-duty TWA employee, of Southampton, Pa.
Hurd, James III, manager of a family automotive shop in Glen Burnie, Md.

* Ingenhuett, Lonnie, 43, off-duty TWA employee, of Scottsdale, Ariz.

* Jacquemot, Benoit, France
* Jensen, Suzanne, 31, associate at G.E. Capital, of Greenwich, Conn.
* Johns, Courtney, 18, recent graduate of Marian High School in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., who planned to attend Villanova University in the fall, of Clarkston, Mich.
* Johnsen, Arlene E. , 60, TWA Flight 800 flight attendant, owned a bed and breakfast, of Grand Junction, Colo.
* Johnson, Eleanor, 50, retired vice president of editing firm, of Springfield, Va. (married to Leonard Johnson)
* Johnson, Jed, 47, interior designer, of New York.
Johnson, Leonard, 53, mechanical engineer, of Springfield, Va. (married to Eleanor Johnson)
* Jones, Ramona, 61, retired hospital employee; West Hartford, Conn.

* Karschner, Amanda, student from Montoursville, Pa.
* Kevorkian, Capt. Ralph G. , 58, TWA Flight 800 pilot, of Garden Grove, Calif.
* Krick, Oliver, 25, TWA Flight 800 flight engineer, of St. Louis.
* Krikhan, Margot, 51, a bookkeeper at the Montessori School in Washington, Conn., of Brookfield, Conn.
* Krukar, Andrew, 40, an engineer at the Torrington Co. in Watertown, Conn., of Bridgewater, Conn.
* Kwan, Barbara, 40, off-duty TWA employee, of Scottsdale, Ariz.
* Kwiat, Kimberly, 26, of Briarcliff Manor, N.Y. (sister of Patricia Kwiat)
* Kwiat, Patricia, 21, student at Notre Dame University, of Briarcliff, N.Y. (sister of Kimberly Kwiat)

* Labys, Jane, 51, a real estate agent from Morgantown, W.Va.
* Lacailledesse, Antoine, France
* LaForge, Alain, Hermelinghen, France
* Lamour, Yvon, France
* Lang, Raymond, 51, TWA Flight 800 crew, of Tafton, Pa.
* Lockhart, Maureen, 49, TWA Flight 800 crew, of Merriam, Kan.
* Loffredo, Elaine, 50, off-duty TWA employee, of Glastonbury, Conn.
* Lohan, Britta, Barcelona, Spain
* Loo, Patricia, 55, retired researcher for the pharmacological firm Ciba-Geigy, of Springfield, N.J.
* Loudenslager, Jody, Trout Run, Pa.
* Lucien, Dalila, 17, daughter of jazz singer Jon Lucien and niece of saxophone player Wayne Shorter, who were not on the flight. (niece of Anna Maria Shorter)
* Luevano, Jr., Elias, 42, off-duty TWA employee, of Albuquerque, N.M.
* Lychner, Katherine, 8, of Houston (daughter of Pam Lychner)
* Lychner, Pamela, 37, prominent Texas crime victims rights advocate, of Houston (mother of Shannon and Katie Lychner).
* Lychner, Shannon, 10, of Houston (daughter of Pam Lychner)

* Manchuelle, Francois, New York, N.Y.
* Maresq, Etienne, Planquary, France
* Maresq, Nicolas, France
* Martin, Betty Ruth, 69, of Belleville, Ill.
* Mazzola, Salvator, 36, of Palermo, Italy.
* McPherson, Pamela Cobb, 45, off-duty TWA employee, of New York City
* Meade, Sandra, 42, TWA Flight 800 crew, of Camano Island, Wash.
* Melotin, Grace, 48, TWA Flight 800 crew, of Corona, N.Y.; Jupiter, Fla.
Mercurio, Giuseppe, of Palo del Colle, Italy, produce-stand worker and part-owner of jewelry store near Bari, Italy (married to Anna d'Alessandro)
* Merieux, Rudolphe, son of the president of the pharmaceutical company Merieux Laboratories in Lyons, France (his father was not on the plane)
Meshulam, Avishaim
* Michel, Pascal, Montpellier, France
* Miller, Amy, 29, hardware store comptroller, of Andreas, Pa. (married to Kyle Miller)
* Miller, Elizabeth, in her 50s, of Tenafly, N.J. (married to Robert Miller)
* Miller, Gideon, 57, off-duty TWA pilot, of Sarasota, Fla.
* Miller, Joan, Fairfield, Conn.
* Miller, Kyle, 29, hardware store co-owner, of Andreas, Pa. (married to Amy Miller; their trip was to celebrate fifth wedding anniversary)
* Miller, Robert, 62, Tenafly borough administrator, of Tenafly, N.J. (married to Elizabeth Miller).
Murta, Angela

* Nelson, Alecia, New York
Nelson, Twyla, New York
* Nibert, Cheryl, student from Montoursville, Pa.
* Notes, Gadi, 29, senior associate at investment banking division of Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, Inc., Israeli citizen; New York.

O'Hara, Caitlin, 13, of Irvington, N.Y. (daughter of Janet and John O'Hara).
O'Hara, Janet, 39, of Irvington, N.Y. (wife of John O'Hara).
* O'Hara, John, 39, executive producer at ABC Sports, of Irvington, N.Y. (husband of Janet O'Hara, father of Caitlin O'Hara)
* Olsen, Rebecca Jane, 20, junior history major at University of Georgia, of Macon, Ga.
* Omiccioli, Monica, 23, seamstress, of Fano, Italy (married to Mirko Buttaroni)
* Orman, Alan, New Hyde Park, N.Y.
* Ostachiewicz, Elsie, New York
Unnamed passenger flying with Elsie Ostachiewicz

* Paquet, Huguette, France
* Paquet, Ingrid, France
* Pares, Serge, New Haven, Conn.
* Penzer, Judy, 49, artist and muralist, Pittsburgh and Lawrence, N.Y.
* Percy, Marion, Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y.
* Pohlmann, Rico, 62, fashion photographer, of New York City and Berlin
Price, Dennis, investment manager, of Englewood, Colo. (married to Peggy Price)
* Price, Peggy, United Airlines flight attendant, of Englewood, Colo. (married to Dennis Price)
* Privette, Glenda, 46, recently resigned as personnel manager at Beaulieu Carpet Plant in Bridgeport, Ala., of Stevenson, Ala. (mother of Thomas Weatherby)
* Puichaud, Elizabeth, France

* Remy, Jacqueline, France
* Rhein, Kirk (Clyde) Jr. , 43, president and chief executive of the Danielson Holding Corp., an New York insurance company, and a partner in the New York investment firm Whitman, Heffernan, Rhein & Co., of Darien, Conn.
* Rhoads, Marit, 48, TWA Flight 800 crew, Bellevue, Wash. (married to Scott Rhoads)
* Rhoads, Scott, 48, schoolteacher, Bellevue, Wash. (married to Marit Rhoads).
Richey, Brent
* Richter, Annelyse, Brousse, France
* Richter, Noemie, Brousse, France
* Rio, Celine
* Rogers, Kimberly, student from Montoursville, Pa.
* Rojany, Yon, 19, headed to Rome to try out for European basketball team, of Los Angeles
* Romagna, Barbara, 76, of Sun City Center, Fla.
Rose, Katrina M. , 26, of Cleveland Heights, Ohio. (daughter of Sandra Hazelton)
* Rupert, Judith, high school secretary, Montoursville, Pa.

* Schuldt, Michael, 51, TWA Flight 800 Crew, Safety Harbor, Fla.
* Scott, Barbara, 39, registered nurse, of Stevenson, Ala. (married to Michael Scott)
* Scott, Joseph, 13, of Stevenson, Ala. (son of Michael and Barbara Scott).
* Scott, Michael, 44, physicist, of Stevenson, Ala. (married to Barbara Scott)
* Shorter, Anna Maria, of Los Angeles, wife of saxophone player Wayne Shorter who was not on the flight (aunt of Dalila Lucien)
* Siebert, Brenna, 25, veterinary clinic worker in Jefferson City, Mo., of Holts Summit, Mo. (sister of Chrisha Siebert, cousin of Stephanie Gaetke)
* Siebert, Chrisha, 28, taught theater at Rockhurst College, of Kansas City, Mo. (sister of Brenna Siebert, cousin of Stephanie Gaetke)
* Silverman, Candace, 22, of Los Angeles (daughter of Eugene and Marietta Silverman)
Silverman, Eugene, 54, a Bel-Air, Calif., tax attorney (married to Marietta Silverman, father of Candace and Jamie)
* Silverman, Jamie, 15, of Los Angeles (daughter of Eugene and Marietta Silverman)
* Silverman, Marietta (Etta) , 53 (married to Eugene Silverman, mother of Candace and Jamie)
* Simmons, Olivia, 50, schoolteacher and off-duty part-time TWA employee, Orange, N.J.
* Skojold, Kristina, Sweden
Snyder, Capt. Steven, 57, TWA Flight 800 pilot, Stratford, Conn.
Story, William R. , president and chief executive officer of National American Insurance Co. of California.
* Straus, Carine, Paris

* Teang, Lydie, France
* Teang, Rachama-Chan, France
* Thiery, Josette, France
* Tofani, Mauro, 46, a cloth merchant, of Prato, Italy.
* Torche, Melinda, 47, TWA Flight 800 crew, Mission Viejo, Calif.

* Uzupis, Larissa, student from Montoursville, Pa.

* Van Epps, Lois, mid-50s, English teacher at Edgemont Junior and Senior High School in Scarsdale, N.Y., of New York City
* Verhaeghe, Rick L. , off-duty TWA flight officer, 48, Goldsboro, N.C.
* Von Hedrich, Joseph, Bel Air, Md.

* Warren, Lani, 48, off-duty TWA flight service manager, San Diego, Calif.
* Watson, Jacqueline, student from Montoursville, Pa.
* Watson, Jill, 32, architect, of Pittsburgh; daughter of ThermoKing president James F. Watson (father was not on the flight)
* Weatherby, Thomas, 13, of Stevenson, Ala. (son of Glenda Privette).
Weaver, Monica, student from Montoursville, Pa.
* Windmiller, Ruben, New Rochelle, N.Y.
* Wolfson, Eleanor, chaperone of Montoursville, Pa., school group (mother of Wendy Wolfson)
* Wolfson, Wendy, student from Montoursville, Pa. (daughter of Eleanor Wolfson)
* Wolters, Bonnie, 44, of New York City, a bond trader engaged to be married to a judge who was not on the flight but had planned to join her in France next week.

Yee, Judith, 53, former personnel executive with Bristol-Myers Corp., of New York City

Zara, Jean
* Ziemkiewicz, Jill, 24, TWA Flight 800 crew, of Rutherford, N.J.

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