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Information on the FBI's Unabom Task Force and investigation.

Court TV Case Files
Reports from Court TV and American Lawyer Media on Kaczynski's trial, plus links to the government's sentencing memo and some of the original documents in the case.

The Sacramento Bee's Unabomber Trial Site
Breaking news and a local perspective in the city where Kaczynski's trial is being held.

Opinions Vary On Whether Unabomb Suspect Will Damage Science's Image, June 10, 1996
Thomas W. Durso of The Scientist asks whether the popular media's depiction of Unabomber suspect Theodore J. Kaczynski might reinforce the stereotype of the "mad scientist."

Among the Papers in Kaczynski's Cabin, June 1996
Scientific American writer Anne Eisenberg describes how it felt to learn that her name was among many handwritten on notes found in Ted Kaczynski's primitive Montana cabin.

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