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The Unabomber Case: The Manifesto


    Select reports and commentary regarding the decision by The Washington Post and the New York Times to publish the Unabomber's "manifesto":

    Unabomber Manuscript is Published, Sept. 19, 1995
    After weighing the question for nearly three months, The Washington Post and New York Times have agreed to publish a 35,000-word manuscript submitted by the Unabomber, the serial mail bomber who has promised to halt his deadly attacks if either newspaper ran his lengthy critique of industrial society.

    Statement by Publishers, Sept. 19, 1995
    Statement by Donald E. Graham of The Washington Post and Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr. of the New York Times on their decision to print the Unabomber's manuscript.

    Manifesto Poses Ethical Dilemma for Papers, July 1, 1995
    A serial mail bomber's offer to cease killing if the New York Times or The Washington Post publishes an anarchist manifesto has created a sticky ethical dilemma. "It's a situation fraught with danger for anyone who is involved," one expert said.

    Paper Assails "Industrial-Technological System", June 30, 1995
    The document sent by UNABOM to The Washington Post is a densely written anarchist manifesto that calls for worldwide revolution against the effects of modern society's "industrial-technological system."

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