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Election 2000: Recounts and Challenges
Transcripts | Video/Audio | Legal Documents | Post Opinions | Live Online

Boies, Beck
Gore attorney David Boies, left, and Bush attorney Phil Beck confer during proceedings in Leon County Circuit Court.

Post Series: Deadlock
Poll: Washington Post-ABC News (12/11)
Graphic: Vote Certification Q & A
Graphic: Certified Results by County
Graphic: Recount Timeline
Graphic: Recount Q & A
Graphic: Shifting Vote Tallies
Graphic: Hand Recount in Four Counties?
Graphic: Buchanan Votes, by County
Graphic: Counting Votes in Florida
Photo: Disputed Ballot in Palm Beach County
From the Web: Fla. 2000 Election Statutes
Election 2000 Results
Election Night: Post Video/Audio
What's Your Opinion?

From the Post
Complete Story Archive

The Candidates
Texas Gov. George W. Bush (R)
Vice President Al Gore (D)

Cheney News Conference (12/14)
Lieberman's Senate Speech (12/14)
Bush Accepts Presidency (12/13)
Gore Concedes (12/13)
Cheney, Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott Plan Agenda (12/13)
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (12/13)
Supreme Court Excerpts: Per Curiam Opinion | Stevens's Dissent | Ginsburg's Dissent (12/13)
Bush Campaign Adviser James A. Baker III (12/12)
Fla. Supreme Court Spokesman on Absentee Ballot Cases (12/12)
U.S. Supreme Court Hearing (12/11)
Gore Campaign Attorney David Boies (12/11)
Fla. Supreme Court Spokesman Craig Waters (12/11)
More Transcripts

Video/Audio Features
Video: Bush Accepts Presidency (12/13)
Video: Gore Concedes (12/13)
Video: Recount 2000 Slideshow (12/13)
MSNBC Video: The Post's Bob Woodward (12/13)
Video: Cheney Meets Congressional Leaders (12/13)
Video: The Rev. Jesse Jackson Leads Fla. Rally (12/13)
Video: The Post's Mike Allen (12/13)
Video: Bush Campaign Adviser James A. Baker III (12/12)
MSNBC Video: Fla. House Approves Electors (12/12)
Video: Fla. House Approves Electors (12/12)
Video: Fla. Supreme Court Spokesman (12/12)
Video: The Post's Mike Allen on the Bush Camp's Mood (12/12)
Audio: Washingtonpost.com's Christina Pino-Marina Outside U.S. Supreme Court (12/12)
MSNBC Video: Former U.S. Supreme Court Clerks (12/12)
Sights and Sounds of Election 2000
Election Contest Video/Audio Archive

Key Legal Opinions
Supreme Court Decision (12/12)
U.S. Supreme Court Decision, Concurring and Dissenting Opinions (12/9)
Florida Supreme Court Opinion and Dissents (12/8)
Martin County Order (12/8)
Seminole County Order (12/8)
More Court Documents

Post Editorials/Columnists
Meeting the World - Post Editorial (12/15)
Unequal Protection - By Michael Kinsley (12/15)
Supremely Biased? - By William Raspberry (12/15)
Defenders of the Law - By Charles Krauthammer (12/15)
Bush's Chavez Problem - Desde Washington (12/14)
More Post Editorials/Columnists

Live Online
Legal Expert Michael Glennon (12/14)
Political Expert Richard Shenkman (12/14)
Instant Analysis With The Post's Robert Kaiser (12/13)
Constitutional Law Expert Michael Gerhardt (12/13)
Presidential Elections Expert John White (12/12)
Miami-Dade County Elections Supervisor (12/12)
The Post's Bob Woodward (12/11)
Election Contest Live Online Archive

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