Study: Black Votes Affected Most

By Dan Keating and John Mintz
Washington Post Staff Writers
Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2001; Page A03

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An examination of 175,010 Florida ballots that were not counted in the 2000 presidential election provided further evidence that the ballots of voters in the state's black neighborhoods were most likely to go uncounted last November.

One reason black voters had more uncounted ballots, according to the study by The Washington Post and other media organizations, was that ballots in predominantly black neighborhoods were twice as likely to have no indication of any vote for president. In heavily black areas, 13 of every 1,000 ballots had no mark, compared to 6 in 1,000 in white neighborhoods.

Another reason was the disproportionate number of "overvotes" – instances where more than one mark was made on a ballot.

Black precincts had a heavy concentration of overvotes that were rejected by counting machines on election day. White precincts using the same technology – Votomatic punch cards – had a different pattern of errors: They had a higher rate of incomplete punches such as dimples or "hanging chads."


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