14th Biennial Outlook Crystal Ball Contest
Pundit Predictions for Election 2008
What qualified as "new school" in politics in 1982? Angry attack-faxes? One thing was brand new: Outlook's Crystal Ball, an election prediction contest now on its 14th go-round. In 2008, a lot has seemed new school. The political blogosphere exploded. Sen. Barack Obama sent text messages. So, to update Outlook's venerable tradition, we've pitted new school against old. "Old school" here is both a term of art and an honorific. The contestants in that category are veteran political observers. "New school," meanwhile, doesn't mean total novice. (At least one "new schooler" competed before. Hint: She also once ran for governor of California.) Those contestants are from a new sphere of political analysis that didn't exist before George W. Bush won in 2000.
think Obama will take the White House
think McCain will win North Carolina
think the GOP will dash Dem hopes of a 60-seat Senate majority
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New School
Chris Cillizza
Washington Post politics reporter
Erick Erickson
RedState.com managing editor
Arianna Huffington
Huffington Post editor in chief
Charles Mahtesian
Politico national politics editor
Ed Morrissey
"Hot Air" blogger, “The Ed Morrisey Show” host
Markos Moulitsas
DailyKos founder
Nate Silver
FiveThirtyEight.com editor
Old School
Fred Barnes
The Weekly Standard executive editor
Eleanor Clift
Newsweek contributing editor
Morton Kondracke
Roll Call executive editor
Bill Maher
HBO's “Real Time with Bill Maher” host
Chris Matthews
MSNBC's “Hardball With Chris Matthews” host
Edward J. Rollins
GOP strategist and campaign chairman for Mike Huckabee
Juan Williams
NPR news analyst
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