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FDR in a Landslide!

In a win reminiscent of his defeat of Alf Landon in the 1936 presidential election, Franklin Delano Roosevelt crushed the competition to become the first Fix Political Hall of Fame inductee voted in by the people. | Read More

The Competition
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  • 2009 Inductees
    Bill Clinton]
    Inducted June 15, 2009

    Bill Clinton

    42nd President, 1993-2001
    Other Offices: Gov. of Arkansas 1979-81, '83-'92; Arkansas Attorney General 1977-79

    The fresh-faced governor from Arkansas overcame a series of self-inflicted wounds to reclaim the White House for Democrats after 16 years of Republican control. Clinton's "New Democrat" persona was imitated by hundreds of aspiring Democratic candidates and his triangulation approach to governing led to significant accomplishments -- among them welfare reform and a balanced budget.

    [Ronald Reagan]
    Inducted June 15, 2009

    Ronald Reagan

    40th President, 1981-89
    Other Offices: Gov. of California, 1967-75

    The legacy of the Gipper continues to entrance (and haunt) his party five years after his death. Reagan acolytes believe that mimicking his sunny conservatism -- built during his years as governor of California and then two terms as president -- is the path back to relevance for the GOP. Reagan's mastery of communicating -- particularly via television -- has influenced politicians of both political parties including President Barack Obama.

    Lyndon Johnson
    Inducted June 15, 2009

    Lyndon B. Johnson

    36th President, 1963-68
    Other Ofices: Vice President, 1961-63 (Kennedy); Senate Majority Leader, 1955-61; Minority Leader, 1953-55; Majority Whip, 1951-53; U.S. Senator from Texas, 1949-61; U.S. Rep. from Texas' 10th District 1937-49

    Johnson's place in the Hall of Fame was secured before he ever became president. He remade the role of the Senate's Majority Leader, literally pushing and prodding his colleagues to acquiesce to his priorities. Johnson leveraged those relationships during his first year as president when he signed landmark civil rights legislation.

    Inducted July 24th, 2009

    Franklin Roosevelt

    32nd President, 1933-45
    Other Offices: Gov. of New York 1929-32; member N.Y. State Senate 1911-13

    Elected to four presidential terms, Roosevelt's time in office was bookended by the Great Depression and World War II -- perhaps the biggest domestic and international crises that faced America during the 20th century -- and he managed to wring victory out of both situations. And Roosevelt's story -- born into privilege, struck by a debilitating case of polio, triumphing in spite of limitations -- is utterly American.

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    Others Considered

    Nominees for the Fix Political Hall of Fame can come from any era and any level -- local, state or national. Nominations will be accepted from the Fix community for a week every month and from those nominations, three politicians will be chosen. Each week, a case for that politician's inclusion in the HOF and another post against it will appear on the Fix. At the end of the month members of the Fix community will be able to vote for which one of the three nominees makes it into the Hall.

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