From the Depths, a Life Story

Edward M. Kennedy

Kennedy's memoir "True Compass" explores Kennedy's personal life and career, as well as the story of the Kennedy dynasty.
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Narrated Gallery
Sen. Kennedy (D-Mass.), the 'liberal lion,' served more than four decades in the Senate. Vincent Bzdek, author of 'The Kennedy Legacy,' narrates the slideshow.
Sen. Kennedy's life and political career.
Interactive Timeline
A look at Kennedy's rise to power and influence in the Senate.
Photo Gallery
Sen. Kennedy's political career in the Senate.
Photo Gallery
Citizens from Massachusetts to Washington D.C. honor Kennedy.
Photo Gallery
A gallery documenting the procession from Hyannis Port to Boston.
Photo Gallery
The funeral featured remembrances from the Massachusetts senator's family and a eulogy by President Obama.
From the Archives
Live Discussions
Q & A Transcript

Congress After Kennedy

Washington Post congressional reporter Paul Kane takes questions online.
Q & A Transcript

Remembering Kennedy

Ben Bradlee, vice president at large and former executive editor of The Washington Post, and Sally Quinn, staff writer and moderator of On Faith at The Post, discussed Kennedy's life and career.
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