What Sotomayor Can Expect


Experts weigh in on what Justice Sotomayor can expect during her first term on the bench.
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  • Sotomayor Takes Active Role on Court's First Day
  • Sotomayor Describes Day of Selection
  • Full Coverage
    From Capitol Hill

    Transcripts and video from four days of confirmation hearings in the Senate.

  • Video: Franken Announces Confirmation
  • On the Issues

    How U.S. Appeals Court Judge Sonia Sotomayor of New York has ruled on a handful of controversial subjects.

  • Past Rulings Detailed
  • Analysis: No Strings

  • Interactive Timeline
    From the Bronx Projects to the Nation's Highest Court

    Key moments in the life of Judge Sonia Sotomayor

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    Karen Yourish, Laura Stanton and Nathaniel Vaughn Kelso – The Washington Post

    About Sotomayor

    Born: Bronx, New York , June 25, 1954
    Education: BA summa cum laude, Princeton University, 1976; JD, Yale University, 1979
    Experience: Assistant District Attorney, County of New York, 1979-1984; partner Pavin & Harcourt, 1988-1992; U.S. District Court Judge (Southern District) New York, 1992-1998; U.S. Court Appeals (2nd Circuit), New York City, 1998-present.

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