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These stories were produced by students in the "Digital TV and the World" special project at the Graduate School of Journalism, University of California, Berkeley. According to project director Todd Carrel, the graduate students traveled to Nagasaki, Japan to "find interesting stories that help reveal the fabric of a community."

More information about the students' work is available on the San Jose Mercury News website.

The "Digital TV and the World" special project is supported by gifts from the Walter and Elise Haas Fund, the Broadcast and Professional Systems Division of Sony Electronics Inc., and Apple. Additional assistance was provided by the Yomiuri newspaper, Japan Airlines, the Nagasaki International Association, the Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies and the Graduate School of Journalism.

"After the Bomb" by Chris O'Connell

The World World II atomic bomb attack on Nagasaki left more than 70,000 dead and more than 100,000 survivors nursing their wounds. Today, it is almost impossible to detect the human toll just by walking through the city. The houses have been rebuilt, scars hidden beneath shirts, and the dead buried long ago. This video explores how the bomb is still affecting the lives of people in Nagasaki almost 57 years after it exploded.

"Japanese Fisherman Face Uncertain Future" by Steven Fyffe

The dam across the Isahaya Bay was supposed to protect the bay area from floods and create farmland. But since the dam closed its gates in 1997, scientists and fisherman say much of the famously rich sea-life has been dying in large numbers. The video focuses on the fisherman of Kyushu and how they are learning to cope after their livelihoods have been destroyed.

"Okabe Family" by Rosa Yum

The sense of family is still very strong in Japan, and those living in smaller cities and towns suffer most as career opportunities attract the young and the bold, leaving behind the elderly to take care of themselves. This video is the story of one family's dilemma of supporting their children's decision and the subtle yearning to have them close by.