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1938 - 1949: Two Peoples
As Jewish settlers emigrate to the land known as Palestine they lay the foundation for establishing the state of Israel in 1948. The Arab inhabitants declare war-and are defeated.
1955 - 1967: Israel Expands
The Jewish state consolidates itself on the lands once occupied by Arabs and conquers new territories in the Six Day War of June 1967 by routing the armies of Egypt, Syria and Jordan.
1969 - 1979: The Palestinians Resist
With the Arab world humiliated, the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) emerges to champion the cause of the displaced Palestinians by mounting terrorist operations worldwide.
1982 - 1993: Slouching Towards Peace
After Palestinians living the occupied West Bank and Gaza mount the campaign of civil disobedience known as the "intifada" in the late 1980s, Israel and the PLO eventually forge a peace agreement.
1995 - 2002: The Struggle Goes On
The Oslo peace accords, intended to create a Palestinian state alongside Israel, fall apart amid mutual recriminations in 2000, and Palestinians resume violent struggle against Israeli occupation.