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Florida Governor: Key Stories

Centrist Platform Propels GOP in Florida
November 14, 1998
In Florida, most experts agree, Republican Jeb Bush won because he abandoned the staunchly right ideological platform he ran on in 1994, when he lost to Gov. Lawton Chiles (D). This time he emphasized a more centrist agenda and won over larger numbers of women, elderly, black and other traditionally Democratic voters. That same big-tent moderation, however, could make it harder to govern as he aims to please those diverse constituencies.

Attack Ads Carpet TV; High Road Swept Away
October 20, 1998
America is again being carpet-bombed by political ads, many of them fiercely negative, and these are some of the politicians taking – and inflicting – the hits. The themes vary from race to race, from education and the environment to health care and gun control, but many of the commercials oversimplify and distort the opponent's position.

Florida Hopeful Stands by Clinton
Sept. 13, 1998
Democrats around the country have been worrying about the collateral damage the Clinton scandal could have on their party in the November elections. And many have sought to distance themselves, even as the president has stepped up efforts to apologize for his transgressions. Florida Lt. Gov. MacKay, however, offered one of the most vigorous personal endorsements of Clinton of any major Democrat since the president acknowledged having misled the country about his relationship with former White House intern Monica S. Lewinsky, and it was clear that there would be at least some political price to pay.

Like Father, Like Sons: Bush Brothers Fire Up GOP Fund-Raising
June 18, 1998
George W. Bush and his younger brother, Jeb – who is making his second run at the Florida governorship – have hit the fund-raising circuit in a big way this year, revving up the old family money machine and updating it for the '90s. With the invaluable asset of the outsized political Rolodex passed on from their father, their own networks in two key states, and the possible presidential prospects of George W. Bush, the Bush brothers – who are both favored to win in November – represent a formidable fund-raising duo.

In Fla. Race, Jeb Bush Finds 'Kinder, Gentler' Plays Well
May 30, 1998
After his failed attempt to unseat Gov. Lawton Chiles (D) in 1994, Republican Jeb Bush is moderating his rhetoric and reaching out to voters he admittedly disregarded four years ago. Not that he has reversed long-held political beliefs – he continues to be a major proponent of vouchers – but Bush sees the other side and better comprehends the nuances of the electorate, his supporters say.

Jeb Bush Seeks a Little Help From Father's D.C. Friends
December 3, 1997
He may be shopping for votes in Florida, but Jeb Bush knows where his friends reside – or at least his father's friends. They're right here in the nation's capital.

Graham Likes the Senate
November 12, 1996
The political press was milling around like a bunch of bookies before a horse race, talking odds and handicaps, likely winners and losers. Sen. Bob Graham (D-Fla.) had asked them to come to Opa Locka Elementary School north of Miami for a special announcement about the senator's plans, by which it was widely believed that Graham would say he is running for governor. He did not.

Chiles Edges Jeb Bush in Florida Governor Race
November 9, 1994
Veteran Gov. Lawton Chiles (D) defeated Republican challenger Jeb Bush, the youngest son of former president George Bush, in a close race for the Florida governorship. "Oh Jeb, this is killing me inside!" a supporter shouted after Bush conceded defeat to Chiles. "It's over, but it was a good campaign about good ideas," said Bush, the conservative firebrand who vowed to dismantle government if elected.

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