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Key Races: House

Since the GOP took over the House majority in the 1994 midterm elections, Democrats have been angling to recoup their losses. Below are some of the key seats over which the parties will square off, hoping either to retain or win them back based on the 1996 margins of victory. In addition, LEGI-SLATE News Service has taken a closer look at the most vulnerable incumbents – members who won in 1996 by 5 percent or less.

Incumbents | Open Seats | Defeated Incumbents
1993 Senate 1995 House 1997 House
 '96 Result
Ariz./6 J.D. Hayworth (R) 48%
Calif./42 George E. Brown Jr. (D) 50%
Calif./46 Loretta Sanchez (D) 47%
Conn./6 Nancy L. Johnson (R) 50%
Ind./8 John N. Hostettler (R) 50%
Iowa/3 Leonard L. Boswell (D) 49%
Kan./3 Vince Snowbarger (R) 50%
Mass./6 John F. Tierney (D) 48%
Mo./9 Kenny Hulshof (R) 49%
N.J./8 William J. Pascrell Jr. (D) 51%
N.M./3 Bill Redmond (R) 43%
Ohio/6 Ted Strickland (D) 51%
Ohio/10 Dennis J. Kucinich (D) 49%
Pa./13 Jon D. Fox (R) 49%
Pa./21 Phil English (R) 51%
Texas/9 Nick Lampson (D) 53%
Texas/14 Ron Paul (R) 51%
Wash./2 Jack Metcalf (R) 49%
Wash./9 Adam Smith (D) 50%

Open Seats
State/District Incumbent Why Open  '96 Result
Calif./3 Vic Fazio (D) Retiring 54%
Calif./34 Esteban E. Torres (D) Retiring 68%
Calif./41 Jay Kim (R) Defeated in 1998 primary 58%
Colo./2 David E. Skaggs (D) Retiring 57%
Colo./6 Dan Schaefer (R) Retiring 62%
Conn./1 Barbara B. Kennelly (D) Running for governor 74%
Idaho/2 Michael D. Crapo (R) Running for Senate 69%
Ill./9 Sidney R. Yates (D) Retiring 63%
Ill./13 Harris W. Fawell (R) Retiring 60%
Ill./19 Glenn Poshard (D) Running for governor 67%
Ind./9 Lee H. Hamilton (D) Retiring 56%
Ky./4 Jim Bunning (R) Running for Senate 68%
Ky./6 Scotty Baesler (D) Running for Senate 56%
Mass./8 Joseph P. Kennedy II (D) Retiring 84%
Miss./4 Mike Parker (R) Retiring 61%
Nev./1 John Ensign (R) Running for Senate 50%
N.C./8 Bill Hefner (D) Retiring 55%
N.Y./7 Thomas J. Manton (D) Retiring 71%
N.Y./9 Charles E. Schumer (D) Running for Senate 75%
N.Y./22 Gerald B.H. Solomon (R) Retiring 60%
N.Y./27 Bill Paxon (R) Retiring 60%
Ohio/11 Louis Stokes (D) Retiring 81%
Ore./1 Elizabeth Furse (D) Retiring 52%
Ore./2 Robert F. Smith (R) Retiring 62%
Pa./10 Joseph McDade (R) Retiring 60%
Pa./15 Paul McHale (D) Retiring 55%
S.C./4 Bob Inglis (R) Running for Senate 71%
Wash./3 Linda A. Smith (R) Running for Senate 50%
Wis./1 Mark W. Neumann (R) Running for Senate 51%
Wis./2 Scott L. Klug (R) Retiring 57%

Defeated Incumbents
State/District Incumbent    '96 Result
Calif./1 Frank Riggs (R) Dropped bid for Senate 50%
Calif./36 Jane Harman (D) Ran for governor 52%
Neb./2 Jon Christensen (R) Ran for governor 57%

Sources: The Almanac of American Politics, Politics in America 1998, House and Senate librarians, National Governors Association, Congressional Quarterly, Hotline.

bullet Local Races: The Metro Section features complete information on this year's statewide and congressional campaigns in Maryland and local races in the District of Columbia.

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