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Minnesota Governor: Key Stories

In Minnesota, Pomp and Pep Rally
January 5, 1999
Jesse "the Body" Ventura was sworn in as Minnesota's 38th governor. In the end, the tough-talking ex-wrestler did not rappel down the granite walls of the State Capitol's rotunda, as he had threatened, but no one seemed truly disappointed: The nation's most celebrated and unlikely governor has become a Minnesota folk hero, if only because he makes anything seem possible.

Ventura: Reform Party Needs Another in 2000
November 9, 1998
Minnesota Gov.-elect Jesse Ventura said he would not run for president in 2000 but suggested that Texas billionaire Ross Perot, who has twice sought the presidency on the Reform Party ticket, should step aside next time in favor of "fresh blood."

A Novice in Governance, Ventura Enters Ring Without a Partner
November 6, 1998
All the chest-thumping, bravado and full nelsons may have prepared Jesse "The Body" Ventura for the cage match that is politics. His past certainly has helped make him the most celebrated governor in the nation, with a stunning upset victory in Tuesday's gubernatorial race here. But virtually nothing in Ventura's history would seem to prepare him for the task of governing a state.

Spending Limits Helped Ventura Win
November 5, 1998
Jesse "The Body" Ventura has been reinventing himself ever since. As a professional wrestler, a bit actor in action movies and a radio shock jock, he has always managed to put fans in the seats. But he clearly outdid himself in Tuesday's gubernatorial election.

Minnesota's Surprise: 'Governor Body'
November 4, 1998
Jesse "The Body" Ventura – pro wrestler, Navy SEAL and radio shockjock – won a three-way race for governor of Minnesota, delivering a harsh body blow to the political pros. He will be the nation's first governor to have his own action figure doll.

'The Body' Slams Into Politics
October 22, 1998
Jesse "The Body" Ventura has added a heavy dose of testosterone to Minnesota's governor's race, transforming an otherwise dull gubernatorial campaign into one of the most colorful – and suspenseful – in the nation this year. With little money and not a single television ad, Ventura has parlayed his celebrity and populist anti-government message into the most spirited third-party candidacy since Ross Perot's in 1992.

In Polite Race, Humphrey Kept Advantage
September 17, 1998
With 16 years as Minnesota's attorney general, the most revered name in the state and a highly publicized lawsuit against cigarette makers, Hubert H. Humphrey III enjoyed an early advantage in his bid for the Democratic nomination for governor.

Humphrey Wins Minn. Gov. Primary
September 16, 1998
Attorney General Hubert Humphrey III soundly won the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party's nomination for governor on Tuesday, beating a fellow son of an ex-vice president and a son of a former governor.

Minnesota GOP Opts for Moderate
June 20, 1998
Choosing pragmatism over conservative ideology, Republicans here nominated for governor a moderate former Democrat over his two more right-leaning rivals, who GOP officials here feared had little chance of winning a general election.

Minnesota Democrats Host 'My Three Sons' Slate for Governor
December 29, 1996
They're back. Humphrey. Freeman. Mondale. The next election for governor is not until 1998, but three of the most revered names in Minnesota politics are already in a race that's been dubbed the "My Three Sons" campaign. At stake in this next-generation contest are friendships and shared political fortunes going back half a century.

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