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    Monday, June 8, 1998; Page A01

    Democrats need 11 seats to regain the House. Here's a look at 22 of the closest contests this year.

    District Republican Democrat The buzz
    Ala. 4 Rep. Robert Aderholt Don Bevill, attorney Son of former representative Tom Bevill uses famous name to target weak first-termer.
    Calif. 49 Rep. Brian P. Bilbray Christine Kehoe, San Diego city councilor Kehoe raising a bundle of money in aggressive challenge.
    Colo. 2
    Open (D)
    Bob Greenlee, Boulder City Council member, is likely nominee Mark Udall, state representative, or Gene Nichol, former law school dean Greenlee fits this liberal-leaning district better than most Republicans.
    Hawaii 1 Quentin Kawananakoa, state House minority leader, is likely nominee Rep. Neil Abercrombie Abercrombie may pay price for Hawaii's poor economy.
    Idaho 2
    Open (R)
    Mike Simpson, state House speaker Former representative Richard Stallings If any Democrat has a chance in conservative Idaho, it's Stallings.
    Ill. 17 Mark Baker, former TV anchorman Rep. Lane Evans Tight rematch in this split district.
    Ind. 8 Rep. John N. Hostettler Gail Riecken, Evansville city councilor Riecken's big bank account aimed at Hostettler's small electoral margins.
    Kan. 3 Rep. Vince Snowbarger Dennis Moore, Johnson County district attorney, is likely nominee Even with a boost from Robert J. Dole, Snowbarger won with only 50 percent in '96.
    Ky. 4
    Open (R)
    Gex "Jay" Williams, state senator Ken Lucas, Boone County judge Underdog Lucas hopes for upset by linking Williams to extreme right.
    La. 6 Rep. Richard H. Baker Marjorie McKeithen, attorney McKeithen's political lineage and fund-raising will make Baker work.
    Miss. 4
    Open (R)
    Attorney Delbert Hosemann and banker Phil Davis in June 23 runoff Ronnie Shows, state transportation commissioner Democrats like their conservative candidate for this quintessential southern seat.
    N.M. 1
    Open (R)
    Heather Wilson, former state Cabinet secretary Phil Maloof, state senator June 23 special election gives Democrats a chance to close gap in House to 10 seats.
    N.M. 3 Rep. Bill Redmond Tom Udall, state attorney general Freshman Redmond on the defensive in heavily Hispanic, Democratic-leaning district.
    Ohio 1 Rep. Steve Chabot Roxanne Qualls, Cincinnati mayor Chabot ready for brawl with popular mayor.
    Ohio. 6 Nancy Hollister, lieutenant governor Rep. Ted Strickland Strickland's narrow margins in the past make him a prime target.
    Ore. 1
    Open (D)
    Molly Bordonaro, consultant David Wu, attorney Liberal Republicans make this an unpredictable swing seat.
    Pa. 13 Rep. Jon D. Fox Joe Hoeffel, county commissioner Bloody primary and weak finish in '96 make this a tough rematch for Fox.
    Pa. 15
    Open (D)
    Patrick Toomey, businessman Roy Afflerbach, state senator With Rep. Paul McHale leaving, GOP finally has a shot in this classic swing district.
    Utah 2 Rep. Merrill Cook Lily Eskelsen, former education association president, is likely nominee Cook's slim margin in '96 gives Democrats a shot in the district they once held.
    Wash. 3
    Open (R)
    Several candidates in Sept. 15 primary Brian Baird, college professor, is likely nominee Open seat and big GOP primary provides opportunity for Democrats.
    Wis. 1
    Open (R)
    Paul Ryan, former Hill aide Lydia Spottswood, Kenosha City Council president, is likely nominee Demographics and money give Spottswood a shot against lesser-known Ryan.
    Wis. 8 Businessman Chuck Dettman, state assemblyman Mark Green or Diabetes Resource Center founder Kerry Thomas Rep. Jay Johnson Johnson was a surprise winner in '96 and must solidify hold on this GOP district.

    Note: Assessments of the races are based on current polls, demographics, voting patterns, fund-raising and candidate background. Table does not include seats likely to change parties.

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