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The Post on the PBS NewsHour

Members of The Washington Post's political team appear regularly on The NewsHour on PBS to discuss developments in Campaign 2000. The following are transcripts and Real Audio files from these special reports.

Race for the Presidency
October 27, 1999
The Post's Roberto Suro talks about how candidates deal with racial issues in their campaigns.

Quayle Bows Out
September 27, 1999
The Post's David Broder discusses former vice president Dan Quayle’s decision to withdraw his bid for the 2000 presidency.

Forbes for President
September 23, 1999
The Post's Michael Powell, who traveled with Steve Forbes in Iowa, talks about Forbes’ campaign and election issues.

Buchanan's Possible Reform
September 22, 1999
Post staff writer Thomas Edsall discusses Pat Buchanan's possible jump to the Reform Party.

Quayle on the Trail
September 16, 1999
The Post's Dan Balz assesses Dan Quayle's bid for the Republican presidential nomination after a background report on the former vice president by PBS's Margaret Warner.

Bradley Makes It Official
September 9, 1999
A day after Democrat Bill Bradley's formal campaign announcement, staff writer Tom Edsall discusses the former New Jersey senator's candidacy.

On the McCain Campaign Bus
September 1, 1999
Staff writer Dan Balz's reports from the campaign bus of Arizona Sen. John McCain (R) in New Hampshire.

After the Iowa Straw Poll
August 16, 1999
Correspondents Dan Balz and Kevin Merida discuss the Republican presidential straw poll in Ames, Iowa.

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