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   POST SERIES/ The Life of George W. Bush
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Bush: The Making of a Candidate
Texas Gov. George W. Bush. (AP photo)
A seven-part series on Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush traces the Texas governor's lifelong effort to reconcile the expectations placed on him with the success he sought. (Also see Post series: "Understanding Bush" and "Bush's Texas Record.")

1986: A Life-Changing Year
Part One: July 25, 1999
Bush entered his forties in 1986 with a pledge to go sober and a reawakening Christian faith.
Interview Excerpt: 'I Made Mistakes'

A Sister Dies; a Family Moves On
Part Two: July 26, 1999
The death of Bush's three-year-old sister forged strong ties between the future presidential candidate and his mother, Barbara Bush.
Interview Excerpt: 'I Remember the Sadness'

A So-So Student but a Campus Mover
Part Three: July 27, 1999
Rigorous, competitive and elite, Andover was an abrupt and scary change for a freewheeling young man raised in Texas.

Photo Gallery: The Life of George W. Bush (Bush Presidential Library)
At the Height of Vietnam, Bush Picks National Guard
Part Four: July 28, 1999
Bush's decision to join the Texas Air National Guard framed an aimless period that he now calls his "nomadic" years.
Interview Excerpt: 'I, Like Others, Became Disillusioned'

A Political Natural Revs Up
Part Five: July 29, 1999
In 1978, Bush shocked the political establishment with his unexpected run for Congress; despite his natural ability, his political aspirations would go unfulfilled for 17 years.
Interview Excerpt: 'You've Got to Have a Base'

Coming Up Dry
Part Six: July 30, 1999
Bush's career in oil is mostly about his failure to succeed and inability to make the big score, despite his sterling lineage and Ivy League education.
Interview Excerpt: 'There Was Excitement in the Air'
The Harken-Bahrain Deal: A Baseless Suspicion

Moving Up to the Major Leagues
Part Seven: July 31, 1999
Bush's 1989 investment in the Texas Rangers gave him the financial security he long sought -- and the stature and visibility he needed to launch a political career.
Sweetheart Deal or Financial Homerun?

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The Life of George W. Bush

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Editor's Note: This series is one of a number of in-depth examinations of the lives and records of presidential candidates that The Post will publish over the coming year. In the coming months, stories will cover other Republican candidates as well as Democrats Al Gore and Bill Bradley.

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