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   POST SERIES/ The Life of Al Gore
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Al Gore, AP Vice President Gore (AP)
An occasional series on Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore traces his route from a senator's son to vice president.

Many Lessons Came at Home
Part One: October 3, 1999
As the vice president vies for the highest office in the land, many of his beliefs came from his father, a former senator from Tennessee.

Gore's World Different From Most
Part Two: October 10, 1999
A young Gore grew up in a world unlike most of his prep school friends in Washington.

At Harvard, a Whole New World for Gore
Part Three: December 26, 1999
As a college student, Gore vacillated between idealism and cynicism, ambition and withdrawal.

Politics Pulls at the Ambivalent Son
Part Four: December 27, 1999
While many of his generation were outside the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago clashing with police, 20-year-old Al Gore was inside listening to speeches that rekindled the political fires within him.

Gore Watches Vietnam Fracture a Campus
Part Five: December 28, 1999
While anti-Vietnam protests erupted across the Harvard campus and his classmates alternately resisted the draft and dropped out of school to enlist, Al Gore watched the unrest and tried to figure out the role he would assume.

Gore: To Serve or Not to Serve
Part Six: December 29, 1999
Al Gore was strongly opposed the war, wanted it over, and did not want to help perpetuate it, yet for several personal and political reasons he felt an obligation to serve.

Gore Adapts to Army, Dad's Defeat
Part Seven: December 30, 1999
During his Army training before heading to Vietnam, Al Gore's faith in government and the American political system was shaken.

For Gore, a 'Sordid Crusade'
Part Eight: December 31, 1999
Al Gore arrived in Vietnam in 1971 disillusioned and left even more so after five months as an Army journalist.

The Novice Slowly Finds His Style
Part Nine: August 6, 2000
Although Al Gore was born to politics, he was not born to run. Those closest to Gore recall the candidate's awkward first campaign for Congress.

Making a Mark By Building on the Past
Part Ten: August 7, 2000
Freshman Rep. Al Gore drew on his experience as a newspaper reporter and the successes and failures of his senator father to form his philosophy of the role of a congressman.

Arms Control and the Man
Part Eleven: August 8, 2000
It was typical of Rep. Al Gore that he would want to spend his time learning something of global importance. This time, it was arms control.

A Lofty Dream Reaches a Disastrous End
Part Twelve: August 9, 2000
Al Gore's first presidential run in 1988 had the markings of a troubled endeavor, with a staff and candidate often appearing to compete to see who could seem more inept or uncertain.

After Traumatic April, a Book Takes Shape
Part Thirteen: August 10, 2000
After his failed 1988 presidential bid, then-Sen. Al Gore promised himself he would spend more time with his family, worry less about trivial political matters and devote himself to a favorite cause, the environment.

After Careful Process, a Partnership Develops
Part Fourteen: August 11, 2000
The story of how Al Gore became vice president begins and ends with two guys from neighboring states in the middle South who had entered public life simultaneously in the elections of 1976.

Gore's Spheres of Interest
Part Fifteen: August 12, 2000
Vice President Gore's relationship with Bill Clinton was defined in an agreement they worked out in Little Rock after the 1992 election: Gore would be a managing partner.

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Editor's Note: This series is one of a number of in-depth examinations of the lives and records of presidential candidates that The Post will publish over the coming year.

© 1999 The Washington Post

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