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    Barry M. Goldwater, a five-term Arizona senator whose 1964 presidential candidacy launched a conservative revolution within the Republican Party, died May 29, 1998, at age 89.

    Barry Goldwater, GOP Hero, Dies
    May 30, 1998
    Goldwater retired from the Senate in 1986 as one of his party's most respected elder statesmen. He suffered a resounding defeat when he ran for president in 1964, but his efforts helped prepare the way for the election of another conservative Republican, Ronald Reagan, as president in 1980.

    Appreciation: Barry Goldwater, Patriot and Politician
    May 30, 1998
    Barry Goldwater was the rare politician who managed to be an outspoken, truth-telling patriot who took his obligations as a lawmaker seriously and who helped shape the destiny of a great nation. – Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.)

    Quotes: Goldwater Nuggets
    May 30, 1998
    Unlike nearly every other politician who ever lived, anywhere in the world, Barry Goldwater always said exactly what was on his mind.

    'The Cheerful Malcontent'
    May 31, 1998
    Goldwater's emotional equipoise was undisturbed by the loss of 44 states as a presidential nominee. Perhaps he sensed that he had won the future. – George F. Will

    Fond Memories of a Patriarch, Politics Aside
    June 1, 1998
    The man who is known nationally as the father of modern-day conservatism is cherished in his home state as a patriarch who linked Arizona's frontier past with its booming present.

    Always Goldwater
    June 2, 1998
    Barry Goldwater, more than any other major-league politician I have ever known, was determined to guard his own individuality no matter what. – David S. Broder

    Goldwater: A Good Friend
    June 4, 1998
    Perhaps our friendship stemmed in part from our membership in an exclusive club – presidential aspirants who won big in the nomination battles only to lose big in the general elections. – George McGovern


    Barry Goldwater's Left Turn
    May 30, 1998
    After a life in politics spanning five decades, Barry Goldwater has found himself an unlikely new career: as a gay rights activist. And Mr. Conservative is doing lots more driving would-be disciples nuts.

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