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  •   The Gingrich Ethics Probe

    The following are some of the key Post stories on the House ethics investigation of Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.).

    IRS Clears Foundation That Aided Gingrich Course
    February 4, 1999
    The Internal Revenue Service cleared an organization of charges that it violated its tax-exempt status when it helped fund a college course taught by former House speaker Newt Gingrich.

    Gingrich Pays Off Ethics Penalty
    December 31, 1998
    Speaker Newt Gingrich completed payment of a $300,000 penalty imposed for violations of House rules.

    Ethics Committee Drops Last of 84 Charges Against Gingrich
    October 11, 1998
    The House ethics committee dropped the three remaining ethics charges against Gingrich.

    Gingrich to Pay Penalty With His Own Money
    September 15, 1998
    Gingrich abandoned plans to borrow money from former Senate majority leader Robert J. Dole to pay the $300,000 ethics penalty the House imposed on him.

    Speaker Sets $150,000 Limit on Borrowing From Dole
    May 16, 1997
    Gingrich said he would borrow no more than $150,000 from Dole to pay the $300,000 penalty the House levied against him for violating ethics rules.

    Gingrich to Pay Penalty With Dole Loan
    April 18, 1997
    Gingrich accepted a $300,000 loan from Dole, his onetime rival as leader of congressional Republicans.

    House Reprimands, Penalizes Speaker
    January 22, 1997
    The House voted overwhelmingly to reprimand Gingrich and order him to pay an unprecedented $300,000 penalty.

    Files in Gingrich Case Detail Misstatements
    January 19, 1997
    Gingrich repeatedly declined to acknowledge inaccuracies in statements he made to an ethics subcommittee until weeks after the panel announced publicly that it was expanding the inquiry to include the veracity of his answers to investigators.

    Ethics Panel Supports Reprimand of Gingrich
    January 18, 1997
    The House ethics committee recommended that Gingrich face an unprecedented reprimand and fine after concluding that he violated congressional rules by using tax-deductible money for political purposes and providing inaccurate information to investigators.

    Use of Tax-Exempt Groups Integral to Political Strategy
    January 7, 1997
    Over the years Gingrich and his top advisers have tried repeatedly to use tax-deductible donations to help promote their political goals, a review of his record shows.

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