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    Dennis Hastert
    House speaker Dennis Hastert talks with members of the press on Capitol Hill. (Lucian Perkins — The Post)
    Key stories, background and profiles from The Post.

    Watts Threatened to Quit
    Aug. 4, 1999
    House Republican Conference Chairman J.C. Watts (Okla.) briefly threatened to resign over what he considered Majority Whip Tom DeLay's efforts to usurp his responsibilities.

    Speaker Fears Cost of GOP Discord
    June 8, 1999
    Alarmed by the crumbling of GOP unity, House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) has decided to take a tougher line with rank-and-file Republicans who have stymied leadership efforts to pass important spending bills.

    Hastert Drawing Crowds of Lobbyists
    March 10, 1999
    The new Speaker of the House is forging an effective fund-raising machine by lending a ready ear to eager lobbyists.

    Hastert Vows Civility, Unity for House
    January 6, 1999
    Outwardly modest, inwardly ambitious, incoming House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert has climbed the political ladder by making himself indispensable to the men that mattered most.

    Hastert Steps Up to Leading Role
    January 5, 1999
    House Republicans unanimously nominated Rep. J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) as their leader, thereby ensuring he will become the speaker of the 106th Congress.

    Hastert Sets Goals for '99
    December 31, 1998
    Incoming House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert pledged to seek tax cuts and a boost in defense and education spending, while promising to reach out to Democrats to devise a long-term solution to Social Security's problems.

    Hastert Poised to Be Speaker
    December 21, 1998
    After Newt Gingrich's fiery flameout and Bob Livingston's swift departure, Dennis Hastert may be the perfect balm for a House Republican Party smarting from self-inflicted wounds.
    Livingston Foresaw Problems
    Obstacles Clutter House GOP's Future
    David Duke to Seek Livingston's Seat

    Livingston Quits as Speaker-Designate
    December 20, 1998
    Fearing that a controversy over his sexual past would undercut his power and tear apart his family, Rep. Bob Livingston (R-La.) told an astounded House he will not assume the speakership but would instead resign from Congress.
    Hastert Moves to Assume Speakership
    Livingston Resignation Crystallized Impeachment Debate
    Text of Livingston Statement | Video

    Livingston Rejected GOP Advice
    December 19, 1998
    In announcing that he had occasionally "strayed from my marriage," House Speaker-designate Bob Livingston (R-La.) rejected the advice of other senior Republicans and agreed with his wife to disclose the affairs immediately, according to congressional GOP sources.
    Larry Flynt, Investigative Pornographer

    Livingston's Past Becomes an Issue
    December 18, 1998
    House Speaker-designate Bob Livingston shocked Capitol Hill when he acknowledged past sexual "indiscretions."
    Another 'Surreal' Day on the Hill
    Analysis: One Week Defines 'Partisan'
    White House Angry About GOP Charge
    Text of Livingston Statement

    Senate Republicans Reelects Lott, Other Top Leaders
    December 2, 1998
    Senate Republicans quelled a mini-revolt over the results of the November elections and handily reelected their current leaders, including Sen. Mitch McConnell (Ky.), chairman of the party's senatorial campaign committee.

    Freshman Challenges McConnell for Senate Campaign Job
    November 25, 1998
    Senate Republicans got their only post-election leadership fight as freshman Sen. Chuck Hagel (Neb.) challenged Sen. Mitch McConnell (Ky.) for chairmanship of their campaign committee.

    Loyalty Helps Win Plum Committee Seats
    November 24, 1998
    While House Speaker Newt Gingrich placed vulnerable freshmen on key committees, Bob Livingston is distributing plum slots to more senior lawmakers.

    House Embraces Livingston
    November 19, 1998
    House Republicans purged much of their troubled leadership, turning away from the ideological rhetoric of recent years to embrace incoming Speaker Bob Livingston (R-La.) and his nuts-and-bolts pledge to provide "honest, responsive and efficient government."
    Livingston Pledges to Correct Course
    Gingrich Valedictory Stresses GOP Unity
    Gingrich Loyalists Say They'll Get By
    Va.'s Davis Will Lead Key Committee

    Frenzied Lobbying Precedes GOP Voting
    November 18, 1998
    Republican leadership hopefuls find out whether their campaigning pays off when the 223 incoming GOP members of Congress meet behind closed doors to pick their new leaders.
    Lott Appears Safe From Challenges as Senate Reorganizes
    Rep. Kennedy Gets Democratic Fund-Raising Post
    Rep. Clyburn Will Chair Black Caucus

    For Watts, a Bid to Broaden His Party's Appeal
    November 17, 1998
    After an election that underscored the GOP's weakness in attracting African American voters, Rep. J.C. Watts Jr., the only black Republican member of Congress, is running for the fourth-ranking leadership position in the House.
    House Democrats Reelect Gephardt
    Dick Armey's Divided Ranks

    Incoming Speaker's 'Art of the Possible'
    November 16, 1998
    Bob Livingston, a former U.S. prosecutor and martial arts expert who plays the harmonica to relieve stress, has a massive job ahead of him as speaker of the House.
    Dunn, GOP's Smooth Referee, Aims for the No. 2 Spot

    Hastert May Be Drafted for House GOP Contest
    November 15, 1998
    Injecting a note of volatility into a House Republican leadership race, two congressmen announced that they plan to nominate Chief Deputy Whip J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) as a candidate for majority leader on Wednesday.

    12-Day Blitz for the No. 2 Spot
    November 14, 1998
    Rep. Steve Largent is winding up a 12-day blitz to win the hearts of his fellows in the house and become its second most powerful member.

    Majority Leader Fights for Post
    November 13, 1998
    House Majority Leader Richard Armey of Texas is fending off challenges from Reps. Steve Largent (Okla.) and Jennifer Dunn (Wash.). The Post profiles the two challengers:

    Davis in Line for GOP Leadership Post
    November 12, 1998
    Allies of Virginia Rep. Thomas M. Davis III said he has enough votes to become chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee.
    Livingston Cool on Impeachment Inquiry

    GOP Members Want Telegenic Figure
    November 11, 1998
    House Majority Leader Richard K. Armey is in danger of losing his post because Republicans appear hungry for a more telegenic figure who can better forge coalitions across the ideological divisions within the party.
    Analysis: Changes Won't Unite House GOP
    PAC Gave Speaker-to-Be Some Reach
    Gingrich to Pay Ethics Penalty Before Leaving Office
    House Leadership Contests At-a-Glance

    Republicans' Attention Turns to No. 2 Post
    November 10, 1998
    With Rep. Bob Livingston all but certain to succeed Newt Gingrich as speaker, other House Republican leaders are fighting to hold off challengers.
    Gingrich Says He's Leaving to Spare Turmoil in Party
    In House GOP Brawl, Whip's Skills Counted for Survival
    Georgia's GOP School Board Chief Likely to Run for Gingrich's Seat

    Livingston Bid for Speaker Gains Security
    November 9, 1998
    House Appropriations Committee Chairman Bob Livingston solidified his bid for the speakership as his rivals abandoned their challenged.

    House Leaders Line Up Behind Livingston
    November 8, 1998
    Striving to avoid an intraparty bloodbath, many top House leaders threw their support to Rep. Bob Livingston's bid to become speaker.
    Seeds of Gingrich's Demise Planted Early
    Speaker's Partisan Edge Cut Both Ways
    Senate GOP Mulls Chance of Shake-Up
    Gingrich Departure Seen as Crucial to GOP

    Gingrich Steps Down As Speaker
    November 7, 1998
    Rep. Newt Gingrich announced he will not seek reelection as Speaker.
    Elections Eclipsed Gingrich Era
    For Livingston, the Time Is Now
    GOP Frustration Started With Budget Talks

    GOP Leadership Rivalries Emerge
    November 6, 1998
    House Appropriations Committee Chairman Bob Livingston (R-La.) is deciding whether to challenge Speaker Newt Gingrich.

    Gingrich Could Face Leadership Challenge
    November 5, 1998
    Bob Livingston and other House Republicans are testing the waters for possible leadership races.
    Gingrich Blames Media for Lewinsky Scandal

    Gingrich Orchestrated GOP Ads Recalling Clinton-Lewinsky Affair
    October 30, 1998
    House Speaker Newt Gingrich devised the GOP's multimillion dollar ad campaign invoking the Monica S. Lewinsky scandal.

    House Leadership Challenge Weighed
    October 30, 1998
    Embittered House conservatives may try to oust GOP leaders at the party's post-election organizing meeting in mid-November.

    GOP Struggles to Make Whole Exceed Sum of Its Parts
    October 25, 1998
    In the coming elections, the Republican Party may become the dominant force in American politics. Or it may self-destruct along the way.

    Livingston: On the Road in Quest for Speakership
    July 6, 1998
    Rep. Bob Livingston has assembled a national fund-raising drive to raise money for GOP candidates – and propel himself into the speaker's chair.

    Term Limit Prompts House Chairmen to Hunt New Perches
    March 23, 1998
    Appropriations Committee Chairman Bob Livingston's effort to succeed Speaker Newt Gingrich is only the first of many coming duels involving the titans of the House.

    Livingston Seeking Another Term, Considers Bid for Speaker
    February 20, 1998
    Bob Livingston said he no longer plans to retire from Congress, suggesting he might try to succeed Newt Gingrich in 2000.

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