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Updated Friday, Sept. 29, 2006

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Kentucky, District 2 / Sept. 20, 2006

Kentucky, District 2

In Kentucky, Both Parties Run Right

Mike Weaver's campaign rests on convincing fellow Democrats that he is conservative enough.

Indiana, District 8 / Sept. 21, 2006

Indiana, District 8

The Pros vs. Do-It-Yourself

An incumbent's Mayberry-style campaigns have worked in the past, but now he is in serious trouble.

Kentucky, District 3 / Sept. 22, 2006

Kentucky, District 3

A Day of Thrust and Parry

The incumbent says her challenger is too liberal for the district, but her challenger is staying on offense by playing the Bush card.

Indiana, District 9 / Sept. 23, 2006

Indiana, District 9

Baron Hill's Hoop Dream

A candidate's legendary high school basketball career is an asset and a liability.

Kentucky, District 4 / Sept. 24, 2006

Kentucky, District 4

Banking on a Familiar Face

In places like Kentucky former lawmakers are a key element of the Democrats' strategy.

Ohio, District 1 / Sept. 25, 2006

Ohio, District 1

A Database Battle

Campaigns are using the new science (some say dark art) of micro-targeting to run sophisticated turn out operations.

Ohio, District 18 / Sept. 26, 2006

Ohio, District 18

GOP Scandals Dog Ohio Candidate

In a year when Republicans are battling low poll numbers nationally, there are few places where the GOP brand is more scuffed than in Ohio.

Ohio, District 6 / Sept. 27, 2006

Ohio, District 6

A Forfeited Battleground District

Since the national Republicans pulled out, the Democrat in Ohio District 6 seems to have votes to spare.

West Virginia, District 1 / Sept. 28, 2006

West Virginia, District 1

GOP Zeroing In on Mollohan's Problems

There is only one way for Republicans to win in this Democratic district: convince voters the incumbent is a crook. It has not been an easy sell.

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