Rove's Asset Deployment

Before the 2004 election, the White House political team directed appointees to tout grants, policy decisions and other administration actions in competitive states for the presidential race and key media markets. Top officials also traveled on official business to districts with close congressional elections in coordination with the president's team.

The Washington Post analyzed the travel of two cabinet members and their immediate deputies. More than three-quarters of the trips in the final five months of the election were in areas identified by the White House more a year earlier, according to documents obtained by congressional investigators. Many of the rest were in areas with close congressional races.

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SOURCES: Key media markets and presidential states from documents obtained by congressional investigators; travel schedules as archived in announcements on the departments' Internet sites; close congressional races from The Cook Political Report, Oct. 29, 2004
GRAPHIC: Sarah Cohen, The Washington Post - August 19, 2007

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