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From the White House
About Piscataway | On Bill Lann Lee | California Prop. 209

Clinton in Akron/AP
President Clinton led a town hall-style meeting on race in Akron, Ohio in December.(AP)

President Clinton's Speech on Affirmative Action
In this 1995 address, President Clinton described the history of affirmative action and said that "When affirmative action is done right, it is flexible, it is fair, and it works."

President Clinton's Meeting With Affirmative Action Foes
Full text of a meeting on December 19, 1997 between President Clinton, Vice President Gore and several opponents of affirmative action.

About Piscataway

From our Supreme Court Special Report, an overview of the case and Post stories about its history and its settlement in November by civil rights groups.

Piscataway Decision
Full text of the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision in the Sharon Taxman v. Piscataway Board of Education case, filed August 8, 1996. The court said the benefits of diversity in education are not significant enough to justify consideration of race except "to remedy past discrimination or as the result of a manifest imbalance in the employment of minorities."

Justice Department Brief on Piscataway
This controversial brief filed by the Justice Department recommends that the court of appeals' judgment against the school district be affirmed, and argues that the case "does not provide a suitable vehicle" for resolving the "extraordinarily broad issue" of non-remedial racial preferences.

On Bill Lann Lee

In Opposition
Full text of the Nov. 4, 1997, remarks by Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) on the floor of the Senate in opposition to the nomination of Bill Lann Lee as Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights.

In Favor
A Nov. 6, 1997, statement from Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) on "The Targeting of Bill Lann Lee by the Senate’s Republican Leadership."

California Proposition 209

Proposition 209
Full text of the initiative constitutional amendment titled "Prohibition Against Discrimination or Preferential Treatment by State and Other Public Entities," which calls for an end to all racial preferences. From the California Secretary of State.

General Election Returns
Map showing percentage of votes by county for Proposition 209. From the California Secretary of State.

Official Web Site for Proposition 209
California's Proposition 209 passed in the November 1996 election by a 54-46 percent vote. It is now Article I, Section 31 of the California Constitution. This site from Californians Against Discrimination and Preferences is Proposition 209's Web headquarters.

No! on 209
Dedicated to defeating the November ballot initiative, this site from California Votes NO! on 209 is now dedicated to reversing it.

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