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Campaign Finance Key Player:
John Glenn

This profile was compiled from Washington Post and washingtonpost.com staff reports. Click on linked names to read other profiles, or see the full list of key players.

John Glenn was the ranking Democrat during the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee's investigation of campaign finance abuses.

From The Post:
Excerpts from the Democratic Minority Report, Feb. 10, 1998
Four-Term Sen. Glenn to Reenter Private Life, Feb. 21, 1997

His attention is now focused on something higher: He has been granted a seat on a shuttle flight scheduled to lift off in October, 36 years after he became the first American to orbit Earth. He will be 77 by then and the oldest man ever in space.

Glenn first won election to the Senate in 1974. He ran a brief campaign for president in 1984.

Glenn was later named one of the "Keating Five" for accepting a $200,000 contribution from convicted savings and loan executive Charles H. Keating Jr., but a 1991 Senate commission declared that his only crime was "poor judgment."

Glenn's role in the Senate fund-raising hearings struck some observers as atypical. The normally even-tempered Glenn repeatedly lambasted majority Republicans, including committee chairman Fred Thompson, for "hardball" partisanship.

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Last updated March 4, 1998

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