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List of overnight guest contributors

Entire list of overnight guests:

  • Arkansas friends
  • Arts and letters
  • Friends and supporters
  • Longtime friends
  • Public officials and dignitaries

  • The Overnight Guests

    By Charles R. Babcock
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Thursday, February 27, 1997; Page A19

    The White House on Tuesday released the names of 831 guests who stayed overnight as guests of President Clinton during his first term. It broke the list into seven categories, listing 370 as "Arkansas friends," 155 as "longtime friends, 111 as "friends and supporters," 128 as public officials and 67 as "arts and letters."

    The White House list didn't identify the guests by occupation or business and didn't list the date or dates they stayed overnight.

    In Federal Election Commission reports, at least one-third of the names listed as guests were listed as individual donors to the Clinton-Gore campaign or the Democratic National Committee in 1995 and 1996. Donations by guests or their businesses totaled at least $6 million, most of it going to the DNC.

    More than half of the names listed as "friends and supporters" were listed in the FEC records.

    About one-third of the "longtime friends" and one-third of the names that fell into the "arts and letters" category also were listed as contributors.

    In addition, several of the overnight guests were members of the DNC and reelection campaign fund-raising committees who raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the president and the party. Among the overnight guests listed as "public officials" were Garry Mauro, the land commissioner of Texas, Colorado Gov. Roy Romer, who is now the DNC chairman, and Ed Rendell (D), mayor of Philadelphia, all of whom raised significant funds.

    More than 250 names showed up on FEC lists as giving the legal maximum – $2,000 – to the Clinton-Gore campaign and/or its separate legal and accounting fund.

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