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    Cisneros Probe: An Indictment Many Years in the Making

    Linda Medlar/AP
    Linda Medlar in September 1997.
    (AP photo)

    A Washington Post chronology of key events related to the indictment of former housing secretary Henry Cisneros, Linda Medlar (now Linda Jones) and two co-defendants.

    1988: Henry Cisneros, married and then mayor of San Antonio, acknowledges affair with Linda Medlar.

    1989: Cisneros ends relationship and reconciles with his wife.

    1990-93: Cisneros pays Medlar more than $250,000.

    December 1992: President Clinton names Cisneros secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Talking to federal agents during background check in December and January, Cisneros allegedly underestimates payments.

    July 1994: Medlar sues Cisneros, charging he broke promise to support her.

    September 1994: Medlar sells secretly taped conversations with Cisneros to "Inside Edition" and says on TV program that Cisneros lied in background checks.

    October 1994: Justice Department agrees to investigate Cisneros's statements to federal agents.

    March 1995: Attorney General Janet Reno asks for independent counsel investigation.

    May 1995: David M. Barrett is appointed independent counsel; Cisneros and Medlar settle lawsuit for $49,000.

    November 1995: Barrett grants Medlar immunity from prosecution, in exchange for her cooperation.

    November 1996: Cisneros resigns as HUD secretary.

    January 1997: Cisneros becomes president of Univision, the Spanish-language TV network, in Los Angeles.

    September 1997: Medlar is indicted on charges she took part in a money-laundering scheme and misled a grand jury.

    December 11, 1997: Cisneros, Medlar and two former aides, John Rosales and Sylvia Arce-Garcia, are indicted. The 18 counts against Cisneros include conspiracy, making false statements to FBI and obstruction of justice. Medlar is charged with conspiracy and lying to the FBI.

    January 9, 1998: Cisneros pleads not guilty.

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