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Behind the Scenes, Starr's Zeal Led the Charge
Clinton Acquitted Read The Post's coverage of the Senate vote.

Poll Taker
Do you think Clinton should or should not face criminal charges at some point?
3Don't Know
Poll Taker compares your response to results from the Feb. 12-14 Washington Post poll. (See full database.)

The Post's Bob Woodward looks at the investigation of President Clinton in the last of three excerpts from his new book, "Shadow: Five Presidents and the Legacy of Watergate."
Part One: A President's Isolation
Part Two: Hillary Clinton's Anguish

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Procedure: Bipartisan Trial Resolution
Text: White House Defense
Text: The Prosecution's Case
Audio and Video: From the Senate Floor
Seating Chart: Clinton on Trial
3-D Panorama: Senate Chamber
Post Cartoons: Herblock's trial
Clinton v. Congress LEGI-SLATE Coverage
Send E-Mail to Your Senators

Impeachment at a Glance
Primer: How Did We Get Here?
Timeline: A Presidential Affair
History: What It Was Like in 1868
Quiz: Test Your Impeachment Knowledge
Believe It or Not: You Decide

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Senate & White House Photos The vote
Audio and Video: From the Senate Floor
Senate Trial Slideshow: in RealVideo
Impeachment Slideshow: in RealVideo
The Story So Far: Photos and Text
Jan. 25 Photos: Staking Out Monica Again
3-D Panorama: Media Feeding Frenzy
3-D Panorama: Media Feeding Frenzy
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Live Programs
Q&A: Post Reporter Peter Baker, April 12
Q&A: Nat'l Editor Karen DeYoung, Feb. 12
Q&A: Post Editor Leonard Downie, Jan. 22
Q&A: Alan Dershowitz Online, Jan. 15
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The House Impeachment Vote
Clinton Impeached
The Vote: House Impeachment Roll Call
The Articles Explained
Dec. 20 Impeachment Coverage

Looking Back
Scandals Throughout Presidential History
Media Frenzies in Our Time
Congressional Sex Scandals in History

Readers' Views on Clinton's Speech, Clinton's Testimony, Impeachment Hearings, House Impeachment Debate, Senate Trial

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Jan. 18 Issue: A Time of Trial
Jan. 21, 1998: Diary of a Scandal

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