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Dodging the Draft and Bill Clinton's 'Red Scare' – 1992

Feeding Frenzy Presidential candidate Bill Clinton's integrity and patriotism came under considerable fire in 1992. Clinton had apparently agreed to join the R.O.T.C. as a way of avoiding being drafted into service during the Vietnam War and later reneged on that promise when his draft-lottery number ensured that he would not be selected.

The candidate was damaged by this frenzy partially because of his perceived unwillingness to reveal the details of his Vietnam record. He and his staff came across as either confused or tight-lipped about this period in Clinton's life. The frenzy also led to allegations that Clinton had been disloyal in participating in a 1969 anti-Vietnam War demonstration in London. Furthermore, it was suggested – even by President George Bush – that a Clinton visit to Moscow during the Vietnam era was inappropriate. Rumors circulated, entirely without foundation, that Clinton had even served as an "agent of influence" for the KGB. Once again, Clinton was able to survive the media firestorm.

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