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Congressman Wilbur Mills and Stripper Fanne Foxe – 1974

Mills and Foxe
Rep. Wilbur Mills leaves a theater with stripper Fanne Foxe
(Bill Curtis/Boston Globe)
A chance encounter between police and a speeding car on October 7, 1974, eventually ended the career of one of America's most powerful congressmen. When police stopped the automobile of Arkansas Democrat Wilbur D. Mills, one of Mills's passengers, a burlesque performer with the stage name Fanne Foxe, dove into the Tidal Basin – and into Washington folklore.

Before long the details of Mills's alcoholism, extramarital relationship with Foxe, and bizarre behavior were splashed onto the front pages. Mills lost first his chairmanship of the House Ways and Means Committee and then his seat in Congress, choosing retirement in 1976 rather than a difficult reelection campaign.

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