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'Perot-noia' – 1992

Feeding Frenzy Texas billionaire Ross Perot's relationship with the press was almost as unorthodox as his third-party candidacy itself. Perot reached out to voters like no one else ever had through television talk shows. But at one point in the campaign Perot brought the full weight of the press crashing down on his head.

In an Oct. 25, 1992, segment on CBS's "60 Minutes," Perot made several sensational charges: The Republicans had planned to disrupt his daughter's church wedding in August 1992; conspired to circulate to the tabloids a phony, computer-generated photograph of her in a sexual pose; and planned to wiretap his office and break into his computerized stock-trading program to ruin him financially. Perot's charges were over-the-top and simply incredible, alienating many voters and causing a considerable stir among the establishment press.

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