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The following is the complete, unedited text of the final, corrected version of independent counsel Kenneth Starr's report to the House on President Clinton. (It differs from the earlier version in the numbering and contents of some footnotes. See the Post story.) The White House responses from September 11 and September 12 are also online. Editor's Note: Some of the language in these documents is sexually explicit.


Table of Names
The Principals
The First Family
Presidential Aides/Advisors/Assistants
Other White House Personnel
Department of Defense Employees
Monica Lewinsky's Friends/Family/Acquaintances
Monica Lewinsky's New York Employment Contacts
Secret Service
Lawyers and Judges
Foreign Dignitaries

Factual Background
The Investigation
The Significance of the Evidence of Wrongdoing
The Scope of the Referral

The Contents of the Referral

Editor's Note: Some of the language in this section is sexually explicit.

I. Nature of President Clinton's Relationship with Monica Lewinsky

II. 1995: Initial Sexual Encounters

III. January-March 1996: Continued Sexual Encounters

IV. April 1996: Ms. Lewinsky's Transfer to the Pentagon

V. April-December 1996: No Private Meetings

VI. Early 1997: Resumption of Sexual Encounters

VII. May 1997: Termination of Sexual Relationship

VIII. June-October 1997: Continuing Meetings and Calls

IX. October-November 1997: United Nations' Job Offer

X. November 1997: Growing Frustration

XI. December 5-18, 1997: The Witness List and Job Search

XII. December 19, 1997 - January 4, 1998: The Subpoena

XIII. January 5-January 16, 1998: The Affidavit

XIV. January 17, 1998-Present: The Deposition and Afterward

Editor's Note: Some of the language in this section is sexually explicit.

There is Substantial and Credible Information that President Clinton Committed Acts that May Constitute Grounds for an Impeachment



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