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Key Players

Click on the names below to navigate the tangled web of accusations facing President Clinton. Each name is linked to a profile compiled from Washington Post and staff reports. Also see our profiles of the House impeachment managers and the White House legal team.


Short profiles of other grand jury witnesses

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Bob Bennett | Sidney Blumenthal
Juanita Broaddrick | Plato Cacheris | Donovan Campbell | Bill Clinton
Hillary Clinton | Betty Currie | Gennifer Flowers | William Ginsburg | Lucianne Goldberg
Al Gore | Norma Holloway Johnson | Paula Jones | Vernon Jordan | Mickey Kantor
Walter Kaye | David Kendall | Larry Klayman | Monica Lewinsky | Marcia Lewis | Bruce Lindsey
Richard Mellon Scaife | Nathaniel Speights | Kenneth Starr | Jacob A. Stein
Linda Tripp | John Whitehead | Kathleen Willey | Susan Wright

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