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Key Player:
Paula Jones

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A former Arkansas state employee, Jones, 31, filed a sexual harassment lawsuit in 1994 alleging that President Clinton, while governor of Arkansas, exposed himself and propositioned her in a Little Rock hotel room three years earlier.

Her case was dismissed by federal district court judge Susan Webber Wright on April 1, but not before Jones's team of lawyers, headed by Donovan Campbell and bankrolled by John Whitehead's Rutherford Institute, had introduced testimony about a slew of illicit sexual encounters allegedly involving Clinton.

One of the women Jones's lawyers subpoenaed was Monica Lewinsky.

In his January 17 deposition for the Jones case, Clinton denied having a sexual relationship with Lewinsky. Most of the charges that Whitewater independent counsel Kenneth Starr leveled against President Clinton in his September 9 report to Congress relate to that testimony and to what Starr has called Clinton's illegal attempts to keep his relationship with Lewinsky secret.

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