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Key Player:
Vernon E. Jordan Jr.

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One of President Clinton's closest friends and most trusted advisers, Jordan, 62, was a famous civil rights activist before beginning a second career as a Washington power broker and consummate fixer. In late 1997, after getting a call from Clinton's personal secretary, Betty Currie, Jordan helped Monica Lewinsky find a job, referring her to Revlon and another company where he serves on the board of directors.

Independent counsel Kenneth Starr charges in his report to Congress that Clinton lied under oath in his Jan. 17 deposition for the Paula Jones lawsuit in describing his conversation with Jordan about Lewinsky.

Starr also investigated whether Jordan urged Lewinsky to lie or helped find her a job in order to hush her up. But those allegations, which Jordan has strongly denied, were not addressed in his report.

Starr was already investigating a similar allegation against Jordan before the Lewinsky matter even came up. Jordan arranged a $60,000 retainer at Revlon for former associate attorney general Webster Hubbell in 1994, when Hubbell was being pursued as a witness in the Whitewater matter.

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