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Key Player:
Larry Klayman

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Larry Klayman is in the middle of most every Democratic scandal ricocheting through Washington.

A once-obscure trade lawyer who founded his conservative "watchdog" group Judicial Watch in 1994, Klayman is suing the Clinton administration in 18 separate matters, alleging an array of government cover-ups related to such things as Commerce Department trade missions and the suicide of White House deputy counsel Vincent W. Foster.

Klayman is backed by money from Richard Mellon Scaife, a virulent critic of President Clinton. And armed with broad-ranging subpoena power by a federal judge, Klayman has become a kind of permanent, privately funded independent counsel, pioneering – Democrats say abusing – the use of civil lawsuits as a political weapon against the administration.

When allegations surfaced that Pentagon officials had leaked damaging information about independent counsel Kenneth Starr's key witness in the Monica Lewinsky investigation – onetime Lewinsky friend Linda Tripp – Klayman was first out of the gate with subpoenas.

Witnesses complain that they have spent thousands of dollars in attorneys fees only to be subjected to hours of off-the-topic questions, part of a sprawling fishing expedition for incriminating facts.

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(Updated October 2, 1998)

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