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Key Player:
Monica S. Lewinsky

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The center of the storm is a 25-year-old former White House intern who confided about an affair with President Clinton in conversations secretly taped by her friend, Linda Tripp. Clinton at first emphatically denied having a sexual relationship with her. Seven months later, he admitted encounters that "did involve inappropriate intimate contact."

Lewinsky came to the public's attention after she was subpoenaed by lawyers in the Paula Jones lawsuit in December. She submitted an affidavit denying a sexual relationship with Clinton.

Lewinsky attorneys William Ginsburg and Nathaniel Speights spent months sparring with independent counsel Kenneth Starr over what precisely Lewinsky was willing to tell a grand jury in return for immunity from a possible perjury charge stemming from her affidavit. And Starr, playing hardball, did such things as calling Lewinsky's mother, Marcia Lewis, to testify before the grand jury. Lewinsky fired Ginsburg in June and replaced him with noted Washington trial attorneys Plato Cacheris and Jacob Stein. They worked out an immunity deal in late July and Lewinsky testified in August.

Lewinsky got her job in the White House in part because of a recommendation from family friend and major Democratic contributor Walter Kaye.

While Lewinsky's taped comments reportedly hinted that Clinton and his friend Vernon Jordan urged her to lie under oath, Clinton and Jordan deny it and Lewinsky herself said in her grand jury testimony that no one asked her to lie.

Starr's extraordinary, graphic 453-page report to Congress, along with thousands of pages of supporting material, provides a detailed keyhole view of Lewinsky's hopes, dreams and sexual proclivities.

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(Updated October 5, 1998)

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