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Key Player:
Kathleen Willey

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A former volunteer in the White House Social Office, Willey, 51, first came to the public's attention last summer when Linda Tripp told Newsweek she had seen a joyful Willey emerge from the Oval Office after a romantic encounter with President Clinton.

In her deposition in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case, Willey said she went to the Oval Office on Nov. 29, 1993, to ask for a paying job to help ease her husband's financial troubles. She said she was shocked when the president kissed her, groped her, and placed her hand on his genitals. In an unrelated twist, Willey's husband killed himself that day.

Willey testified before a grand jury on March 10 amid signs that she was closely cooperating with prosecutor Kenneth Starr's inquiry into whether Democratic fund-raiser Nathan Landow tried to influence her testimony in the Jones case.

On March 15, Willey made her allegation public with a splash. During an interview on "60 Minutes" she described in detail the crude sexual advance allegedly made by the president and said that when he denied groping her under oath, he committed perjury.

Clinton continues to insist that he told the truth in his deposition, in which he denied having any form of sexual relations with Willey. After Willey's TV interview, the White House made public copies of several letters showing that Willey sought Clinton's attention even after their purported encounter.

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