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Impeachment Hearings
Readers' Views on the Impeachment Hearings
Based on what you now know, do you think there are sufficient grounds to impeach the president? Many readers sent us their opinions. Read excerpts below.

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Clinton has corrupted everyone and everything associated with Him and made the presidency a is beyond me that 60% Of our country still support this goes to show the direction this country is going. I think he should have been ousted a long time ago....
Marcus Smith
Atlanta, GA

No Way!! In spite of his personal mistakes President handling his job all right especially after the scandal broke out.Under the enormous unnecessary pressure he is still leading the country as if nothing has happened,now that's not something anyone can do. I wasn't a his supporter before scandal but I'm his supporter now. We should move on and I am absolutely against the inpeachment.
Shiro Hirai
New York City/Kyoto,Japan

The lies and deceptions of President Clinton are deplorable. However, they are not high crimes against the country. Our country has lost more prestige over the way Republicans are conducting themselves than by the terrible behavior of our President. We should never again hire someone with such low moral standards as Chief Executive. Instead of sending that message to us and taking full advantage of the opportunity that Clinton has handed to them, the Republicans flounder about simply demonstrating that that there is none among them who has the good sense required to run the country. What a shame!
Nathan Willis
Pearisburg, Virginia

No, President William Jefferson Clinton should NOT be impeached from office. He is just doing perfect at his job at this time. Thank you.
Langu Okall
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Absolutely not. The Republican party has been out to get President Clinton from day one. I'm African American and a registered Republican but the Republican party has nothing to offer the American people right now so they have to do something to keep themselves occupied instead of doing their damn job. This country has more important issues to deal with than who the President has sex with other than Hillary. How many of those crooks in DC have lied to cover up some dirt they did?
O.G. Gangsta Lean
Glen Burnie

Mr. Clinton clearly violated his Oath of Office to faithfully execute the laws and uphold the constitution of the United States, by clearly LYING and impeading discovery by Plaintiffs attorneys in the Paula Jones lawsuit. Everyone deserves his or her day in court. The law makes available options to not answer questions. LYING IS NOT ONE OF THEM.
James Emerson

Should the partisan republicans steal my vote (for President Clinton) rest assured that I will never vote for any republican or conservative for any office at any time.
Bill Ballhorn
Madison, Wisconsin

The president should undoubtedly be impeached. I am frightened that it is even a question up for debate. Any person who lies under oath, no matter what the nature of the topic, deserves to be punished. It is a simple issue that has been clouded because many people cannot see that the issue is honesty, integrity and trust. If impeachment action is not taken we will be letting Bill Clinton the president get away with a crime that any other citizen could be punished for-perjury. We should hold the leader of our nation to a highre standard, not a lower one.
Stacia Hook
Springfield,Virginia, now student at University of Maine

I think there are grounds to impeach the president. He has committed perjury and obstruction of justice. His oath of office stipulates that he will uphold the laws of our government. Should he neither resign nor be removed from office by the Senate, he should be crimminally prosecuted by the justice system upon completion of his term of office. We do not have an imperial government in which certain individuals are above the rule of law.
T. R. Wartelle
New Orleans, LA

The state has no interest in investigating consensual sexual activity between adults. Period. No one should be prosecuted nor impeached for refusing to answer or lying in response to such questions. To impeach Clinton on the basis of this investigation would make us all subject to such inquiries.
Roger Evans
Odessa, TX

Yes. His behavior victimizes women, and secondarily it leads to victims and others being threatened and intimidated by goons (like Henry II's knights on Thomas a Becket). Further, his conduct is hurtful to morale and consistent discipline in the armed forces. And he has from the beginning used his office to block examination of his conduct.
James R. Turner
Kirksville, Missouri

President William Clinton's actions seem to be those of "sexual harassment in the work place". He has not been truthful to his associates in the work place nor to his public. He holds the highest elected office in the nation and is constsitutionally accountable to the people of the nation. The Constitution provides for the impeachment process to be carried out by Congress: it should go forward without delay.
Karl Hansen
San Diego, California

Yes. Lewinsky isn't the issue. It's what the president did. What if Lewinsky had been a foreign spy?
C. Davis
Wichita, KS

Of course not. This impeachment process is nothing less than a coup attempt by the manipulators of Goldberg/Tripp/Starr.
Henri M. Gueron
New York

Yes, the President should be impeached. There is enough evidence to indicate that he did abuse his power as President, lied under oath, and attempted to influence the sworn testamony of a witness. We (the American public) should also know more about his activities in the 1992 and 1996 Democratic fund raising efforts and other non-Monica Lewensky acts.
James Whittenton
Irving, Texas

The proceedings would be laughable, if they weren't so sad. I still expect that at least three Repub's on the committee (Rogan, Lindsey, Bono, Hyde come to mind) will come to their senses and end this farce next week. The pious bleating about "justice", "duty", "rule-of-law" are so much nonsense; get this over with fellows! Now if you want a truly just end you'll need to do two other things: 1. Pass a resolution demanding that Janet Reno fire Ken Starr (In the interest of closure we'll dispense with trying him for treason, though it would be richly deserved!) 2. Pass a resolution apologizing to Bill Clinton and his family, Monica Lewinsky and her's, others dragged through Starr's witch hunt, and to the American public.
Bill Rudman
Castro Valley, CA

NO!! President Clinton was set up in a perjury trap. The charges against him are all about sex. I believe that the behavior of Kenneth Starr is much more dangerous to our government than anything the president did.
Mary Parker
Brookeville, MD

Most people realize the president will not be impeached. It is obvious that the GOP leadership (from which Newt Gingrich is notably absent!) is merely trying to save face.
C. Meredith
Bethesda, MD

No. I would suspend the statute of limitations until he leaves office and then pursue him on perjury. Where is the Arkansas Bar Association? Isn't misleading a judge, grand jury, etc. against the code of ethics?
D. Smith
Omaha, NE

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