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  Impeachment Quiz

Answer these eight questions and see how much you know about the rules for removing federal officials from office.

1. Prior to the impeachment of President Clinton, how many federal officials had been impeached?

      0       1       16       43

2. Who serves as the prosecution in a Senate impeachment trial?
      The Speaker of the House
      Managers chosen by the House
      The Senate Majority Leader
      The Attorney General

3. Which congressional leader said in January 1998 that impeachment "has to elicit bipartisan support" or it is doomed?
      Richard Gephardt
      Charles Schumer
      Tom Delay
      Henry Hyde

4. How many articles of impeachment did the House Judiciary Committee approve against Richard Nixon?

      1       3       9       36

5. How long did Andrew Johnson's Senate impeachment trial last?

      1 day       14 days       23 days       58 days

6. When were the Senate's rules for impeachment trials written?

      1776       1789       1868       1974

7. Who was the most recent federal official to be impeached, prior to President Clinton?
      Richard Nixon
      Walter Nixon
      Alcee Hastings
      Newt Gingrich

8. Which of the following dates is the earliest on which Vice President Al Gore could assume the presidency and still be eligible to serve two full terms?
      December 31, 1999
      December 31, 2000
      January 1, 1999
      January 21, 1999

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