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Starr's Evidence

The House Judiciary Committee on September 21 released 3,183 pages of appendices to independent counsel Kenneth Starr's Sept. 9 report. Following are excerpts and full text of key sections, and links to the entire submission in Adobe Acrobat format.

Editor's Note: Some of the language in these documents is sexually explicit.

Full Text of President Clinton's Aug. 17 Grand Jury Testimony

Lewinsky's Aug. 6 Grand Jury Testimony

Lewinsky's Aug. 20 Grand Jury Testimony

Monica's Story: Excerpts from the Lewinsky Evidence

Excerpts From the Supporting Documents
The Tapes
Talking Points
The DNA Test
The Gifts
The Ties
The Contacts
The Lawyers
The Redactions

Video Clips of Clinton's Testimony


On the Web: Full Text in Adobe Acrobat Format

The following documents, provided by the U.S. House and the Government Printing Office, can only be viewed with the Adobe Acrobat Reader software. You may already have the software on your machine. If you are unable to view the file, you will have to download and install the software, which is free. Instructions on how to do so are available on the Adobe Web site or on ZDNet.

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Foreword (863K)

Volume II: Appendix (24.2M)

Volume III: Document Supplement, Part A, William J. Clinton Statement (20.4M)

Volume IV: Document Supplement, Part B, Documents Cited in Referral: Monica S. Lewinsky Statements (70.2M)

Volume V: Document Supplement, Part C, Documents Cited in Referral: Tabs 1-46 (37M)

Volume VI: Document Supplement, Part D, Documents Cited in Referral: Tabs 46-83, Bates Numbers 812-968 (65.9M)

Volume VII: Document Supplement, Part E, Documents Cited in Referral: Bates Numbers 1000-V006 (26.3M)

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