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Feb. 9: Motion to Investigate Possible Perjury By Witnesses

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    Tuesday, February 9, 1999


    Mr. SPECTER. Mr. Chief Justice, on behalf of the leader, and in my capacity as a copresider for the Senate at the deposition of Mr. Sidney Blumenthal, I ask unanimous consent that the parties be allowed to take additional discovery, including testimony on oral deposition of Mr. Christopher Hitchens, Ms. Carol Blue, Mr. R. Scott Armstrong and Mr. Sidney Blumenthal with regard to possible fraud on the Senate by alleged perjury in the deposition testimony of Mr. Sidney Blumenthal with respect to allegations that he, Mr. Sidney Blumenthal, was involved with the dissemination beyond the White House of information detrimental to the credibility of Ms. Monica Lewinsky, and that pursuant to the authority of title II of Senate Resolution 30, the Chief Justice of the United States, through the Secretary of the Senate, shall issue subpoenas for the taking of such testimony at a time and place to be determined by the majority leader after consultation with the Democratic leader, and, further, that these depositions be conducted pursuant to the procedures set forth in title II of Senate Resolution 30, except that the last four sentences of section 204 shall not apply to these depositions, provided, further, however, that the final sentence of section 204 shall apply to the deposition of Mr. Sidney Blumenthal.

    The CHIEF JUSTICE. Is there objection?

    Mr. DASCHLE. Mr. Chief Justice, I object.

    The CHIEF JUSTICE. Objection is heard.

    Mr. LOTT addressed the Chair.

    The CHIEF JUSTICE. The Chair recognizes the majority leader.


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