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February 12, 1999: Final Votes and Senators' Statements

Final Votes on Impeachment Articles, Introduction of Censure Resolution

Senators' Final Statements by State

Senators' Final Statements by Name

February 11, 1999: Deliberations

Senate Business Before and After Closed Sessions

February 10, 1999: Deliberations

Senate Business Before and After Closed Sessions

February 9, 1999:
Motions to Hold Closed Session

Opening Business

Motion to Investigate Possible Perjury by Witnesses

Motion to Keep Session Open

Motion to Hold Closed Session

Following are transcripts from the Senate's impeachment trial of President Clinton.

February 8, 1999:
Closing Arguments

Opening Business

House Managers' Closing Argument

White House Counsels' Closing Argument

House Managers' Remaining Closing Argument

Closing Remarks

February 6, 1999:
Video Presentations

Opening Business and Prayer for R. Scott Bates

House Managers' Presentation

White House Counsel Presentation

Closing Remarks

February 4, 1999:
Motions on Presentation of Evidence

Opening Business

Votes on Motions

Closing Remarks

February 3, 1999:

Deposition of Sidney Blumenthal

February 2, 1999:

Deposition of Vernon E. Jordan Jr.

February 1, 1999:

Deposition of Monica S. Lewinsky

January 28, 1999:
Procedures for Witnesses

Opening Business and Resolutions

Amendments and Votes

Closing Remarks

January 27, 1999:
Votes on Motions

Opening Business and Motion for Witnesses

Vote on Motion to Dismiss

Vote on Motion for Witnesses

Recess and Closing Remarks

January 26, 1999:
Debate on Witnesses

Opening Business and Motion for Witnesses

Managers Argue for Witnesses

White House Argues Against Witnesses

Managers' Rebuttal and Vote on Deliberation

January 25, 1999:
Debate on Dismissal

Opening Business and Motion to Dismiss

Managers Argue Against Dismissal

White House Argues For Dismissal

Managers' Rebuttal and Vote

January 23, 1999:
Day Two of Senators' Questions

Opening Business

Questions 51 to 67

Questions 68 to 84

Questions 85 to 105

January 22, 1999:
Day One of Senators' Questions

Questions 1 to 16

Questions 17 to 30

Questions 31 to 50

January 21, 1999:
Day Three of the Defense

David Kendall Defends the President

Dale Bumpers Defends the President

January 20, 1999:
Day Two of the Defense

Opening Business

Greg Craig on Perjury Allegations

Cheryl Mills on Obstruction of Justice Allegations

January 19, 1999:
Day One of the Defense

Opening Business

Ruff's Opening Statement

January 16, 1999:
Day Three of the Prosecution

Opening Business

Stephen Buyer on Constitutional Arguments

Lindsey Graham on Impeachment Precedents

Charles Canady on Constitutional Arguments

George Gekas's Summation

Henry Hyde's Summation

January 15, 1999:
Day Two of the Prosecution

Opening Business

Bill McCollum Summarizes the Evidence

George Gekas Opens the Legal Presentation

Steve Chabot on Perjury Law

Christopher Cannon on Perjury and Obstruction

Bob Barr on Perjury and Obstruction

Senator Tom Harkin's Objection

January 14, 1999:
Day One of the Prosecution

Motions and Other Business

Henry Hyde Statement Opening Prosecution

James Sensenbrenner's Overview

Ed Bryant on Evidence in the Case

Asa Hutchinson on Evidence in the Case

James Rogan on Evidence in the Case

January 8, 1999

The Senate Agrees on Procedure

January 7, 1999

The Managers Arrive

The Senators Are Sworn In

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