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Clinton minister Rev. J. Philip Wogaman discussed his new book about the scandal. (Post file photo)
Talk Archive

The following are archived transcripts from past live discussions about the scandal surrounding President Clinton's relationship with Monica S. Lewinsky. For discussions on other topics, visit the politics talk section.

Feb. 12: "After the Vote" with Karen DeYoung, assistant managing editor for national news.

Jan. 22: "Washington Post Coverage" with Executive Editor Leonard Downie Jr.

Jan. 20: Washington Post Senior Correspondent Robert G. Kaiser

Jan. 19: Washington Post columnist David. S. Broder

Jan. 15: Harvard law professor Alan M. Dershowitz

Jan. 14: Washington Post Senior Correspondent Robert G. Kaiser

Jan. 13: Hotline founder and GOP consultant Doug Bailey

Jan. 8: University of Virginia Prof. Larry J. Sabato

Jan. 7: Washington Post Senior Correspondent Robert G. Kaiser

1998 Archives

Dec. 16: Rev. Jesse Jackson, anti-impeachment rally organizer

Dec. 16: Rev. J. Philip Wogaman, Clinton minister and author

Dec. 16: Arianna Huffington, conservative commentator and columnist

Dec. 15: Rep. Asa Hutchinson (R-Ark.) and Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.), members of the House Judiciary Committee

Oct. 20: "Elections and Scandal" with Post reporter Ed Walsh

Sept. 29: National Organization of Women President Patricia Ireland

Sept. 22: "Congress and the Scandal" with Post reporter Juliet Eilperin

Sept. 16: "Defining 'Impeachment'" with Michael Gerhardt

Sept. 8: "White House Sex Scandal" with Post reporter John Harris

Aug. 4: "The Lewinsky Scandal" with Post reporter Sue Schmidt

April 10: "Impeachment Issues" with Rep. Bob Barr (R-Ga.)

March 10: "Has Ken Starr Gone Too Far?" with Post White House reporter Peter Baker

Jan. 30: "Presidential Crises" with presidential historian Michael Beschloss

Jan. 29: "Clinton and Lewinsky: The Politics" with Post political reporter Dan Balz

Jan. 26: "Clinton and the Character Question" with Post reporter and Clinton biographer David Maraniss

Jan. 13: Levey Live – "Jones v. Clinton" has also collected and published the opinions of online readers' at key moments in the Clinton investigation:

Nov. 19: Impeachment Hearings

Sept. 21: Clinton's Grand Jury Testimony

Aug. 17: Clinton's Speech

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