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The following are links to major stories on telecommunications policy from The Washington Post.

The Telecom Big Top
May 24, 1998
Keeping track of today's confusing telecommunications landscape is like having a seat in the bleachers at an out-of-control three-ring circus. How is the Federal Communications Commission doing with its head in the lion's mouth? Smart money is betting on the lion.

Phone Companies Eschew Price Wars in Favor of Mergers
May 12, 1997
Hoped-for telecommunications competition has instead encouraged more mergers, leaving consumers little to show for the new law in the way of lower prices, new services or greater convenience.

AT&T's Armstrong Talks Telecom
March 2, 1997
Edited transcript of AT&T chairman Michael Armstrong's talk with Washington Post editors and reporters about taking over the world's leading telecommunications company.

Telephone Market Probes Planned
July 16, 1997
The nation's top telephone overseers are launching inquiries into what can be done about the lack of competition in telecommunications markets.

Chairman Burton Played Golf In AT&T Charity Tournament
March 8, 1997
Rep. Dan Burton, who chairs the committee that will oversee the award of the next governmentwide phone contract, played in a golf tournament sponsored by AT&T Corp.

This Is a Free Market?
January 19, 1997
There's not much evidence for any of lower rates and more choices for consumers one year after the Telecommunications Act of 1996 was passed. In fact, the opposite appears more accurate.

Sen. Pressler's Rise To Power Is Marked By PAC Generosity
September 21, 1996
As the new chairman of the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, Sen. Larry Pressler is a prime mover in Congress's telecommunications overhaul efforts, while wrestling campaign money from the industry he is supposed to regulate.

Both Sides to Benefit From Upcoming Phone Rules
July 31, 1996
The Federal Communications Commission plans to detail how local phone companies will be compensated for allowing future competitors to lease circuits on existing telephone networks.

A 'Camelot Moment' on Communications
February 4, 1996
House and Senate lawmakers had finally crafted an overhaul of the nation's telecommunications laws that all of those interests could grudgingly support. Only Bob Dole stood in the way.

Opening the Door to Mergers
February 3, 1996
With Congress passing legislation this week that strips away the monopolies of phone and cable TV companies, a new era of competition in telecommunications services may be at hand.

Telecommunications Bill Passed
February 2, 1996
Congress overwhelmingly passed the largest overhaul of telecommunications laws in 62 years, clearing the way for President Clinton to sign into law a measure that removes long-standing monopoly protections.

How the Bill Would Affect Consumers
February 2, 1996
Here are answers to some common questions about the telecommunications bill that Congress and the White House are poised to enact.

Conferees, White House Agree on Telecommunications Reform
December 21, 1995
The White House and Congressional negotiators achieved what they called "final agreement" on the biggest rewrite of the nation's telecommunications laws in 61 years.

With the Bells on Their Toes
December 22, 1995
Both chambers of Congress have passed versions of the telecommunications bill. Now the job is to reach language that both can agree on.

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